Anyone who likes to do a makeover every now and again probably has wondered if they can also change the color of their eyes. Of course, people who have brown eyes get tired of looking like everyone else. However, if you have tried to change your eye color in the past with colored contacts, chances are you spent a lot of money to get no results. This is especially true if you have extremely dark brown eyes. Thankfully, in the past few years, colored contact lens technology has improved significantly. Part of this is due to customer feedback and changes in nanotechnology. Science has worked hard to produce the perfect colored contact lenses and the public is giving its seal of approval.

Colored contacts made their debut in the 1980s. Of course, the quality was not what we think of today. In fact, the way that they worked was to basically use the color you already had and tint it. In some ways, it was very similar to a colored transparency that went over your eye color. In addition to causing problems by looking fake, they were also extremely uncomfortable to wear. For people

with extremely dark eyes, they were not affected at all. After all, they counted on the user having light colored eyes. If you had an iris color that was similar to your pupil, they created no effect. There was also the ugly ring around your iris that made it very obvious that you're wearing colored contacts.

Of all the colors that worked for people in those days, green contacts were the most difficult to obtain. Most of the time, it would turn your eye color a murky shade of brown. If you are looking for a dramatic of facts, you were out of luck. At best, most people got a very subtle green tinge to their eye color. It was green that also made your eyes looked the most fake. Investing and lot of money in having a professional pair of contacts was a total waste if the user chose green.

Currently, this is all a thing of the past. Even if you have extremely dark eyes, you can get natural, subtle, or dramatic results of colored contacts. You can also get these kinds of results with previously difficult hazel contacts. You no longer need to worry about looking like you are going to a Halloween party based on using colored contacts. They blend in with your overall skin tone and

you can choose the perfect shade so that no one knows that you are wearing colored contacts.