The green movement is everywhere we turn these days. As a society, we are encouraged to shed the old ways and to move forward into a green life. This is not always an easy transition, and a lot of us not sure where to begin. One great way to live the green life is to consider water conservation.

There are many ways in which we can support a green lifestyle through water conservation. Water, as we all know, is essential to life on this planet. We all need it, but the problem is that fresh drinking water is in short supply. Not only do we use this water for drinking, but we also use it to water our lawns and wash our vehicles. The green life depends on discipline and forward thinking about water conservation.

So how can we conserve water? Here are a few practical ideas.

1. Water your lawn at night - Watering our lawn at night will allow for the use of less water. Why is this? At night, the water used is less likely to evaporate quickly because the sun has gone down along with the temperature. We will conserve more water this way because it takes less to achieve saturation. By doing this we can conserve water, have a green lawn, and a green life.

2. Take a bath instead of a shower - When we shower, the water we use is continually running. Over the course of a long shower, the amount of water wasted can be astounding. Taking baths with a reasonable amount of water will allow us to use less and still allow us to maintain hygiene. By taking baths we can stay clean and stay green!

3. Consider an artificial lawn - artificial lawn technology has come a long way since it first began. Artificial lawns are a great way to conserve water and live a green life. Quite literally in fact. Our artificial lawn will stay green without the use of water thus helping the overall conservation effort. Green lawn, green life, and more water.

4. Turn off the sink when brushing- When we brush our teeth, it is common to leave the water running. This is a huge waste of water. Simply turning off the faucet is a great way to conserve water. Your teeth aren't getting any cleaner watching the water rush down the drain!

5. Put a brick in the water tank of your toilet - This may sound funny at first, but under closer inspection it is an ingenious, and very green, way to conserve water. Putting a brick in the water tank on the back of your toilet means that the water needed to fill up the tank is less. Why is this? The brick takes up room in the back of the tank thus allowing the tank to fill up faster. Less water to fill up the tank means less water flushed away. Reusing old bricks in this way also helps you live a green life through recycling!

Water conservation is not as difficult as might be first imagined. These are just a few steps among many that we can take to conserve water and live a green life. With the green life growing in popularity every day, finding like minded people is becoming easier and easier. As such, finding additional water conservation tips is equally as easy. Do your research and you will be pleasantly surprised.

Water conservation is our responsibility. We are the stewards of the water supply for this, and future, generations. Conserve water and walk the path to the green life. The world, and our water supply, will thank you for it.