Lotrscak tower

The Lotrscak tower is one of Zagreb’s symbols on the Upper town and placed at Strossmayer’s Boulevard next to city gate Dverce(this gate does no longer exist). Lotrscak is made in middle 13th century to match Golden Bulla’s conditions, free royal city must be surrounded with a city walls and fortresses.

Cannon shoots at noon
Credit: Patrik Macek

The tower got its name in 1646, after a bell was built in. Latin campana latrunculorum means thief bell. A bell rang every evening before closing of city gate. Lotrscak’s height is 30 meters. There is the lookout cupola on top of it. It’s built out of unshaped stones and some clay. Walls are 195cm thick. Since 1981 it’s opened for public. The most attractive part of tower is cupola which gives you amazing panorama of Zagreb, from Down Town all over to Mirogoj, Salata and Medvednica’s parts.

The Gric Cannon

Gric cannon is located in the tower Lotrscak. Every day at noon since 1st January 1877, it firings to mark the middle of the day in memory of a single event from Zagreb's past. According to a legend, Turkish army thought Zagreb will surrender due to low food supply but the Gric cannon fired a shot at noon at the Turkish siege camp, which was located on the other side of Sava River, and blew the cock by the chef on a platter carried a pasture. After that the Turks have fled and are not attacking Zagreb. If you want to see what cannon shots today head over to Zagreb and find out. But don’t expect a cock.

Grič cannon inside Lotrščak tower

You can see where it is located down on a map. I experianced that amazing view and sound of Gric cannon and recommend you to visit it if you ever tour Zagreb. Cheers!