Kettlebells of various sizes and weights have been used for the purposes of exercise for hundreds of years, but it is only relatively recently that their popularity has significantly increased. Kettlebell training workouts are now generally considered by fitness experts and enthusiasts to be among the most beneficial known exercises for improving health and fitness.


Kettlebells are available to buy in a range of weights, however the basic shape remains constant. The kettlebell is rounded, and includes a handle for lifting and manoeuvring. Through the manipulation of the kettlebell a full range of exercise workouts can be performed. As with weight training, the intensity of exercise workouts can be controlled by increasing or decreasing the weight of the kettlebell being used. It is also possible to train with two kettlebells at the same time, thereby increasing the quantity of available exercises.


Training workouts will generally consist of lifting and swinging kettlebells in a range of motions. It is a kettlebell's versatility as a piece of exercise equipment that makes it so valuable, as it allows a full body workout to be achieved. Fitness experts value kettlebell training workouts so highly because every muscle group can be worked in a single training session. It is therefore extremely effective as a way of burning calories, toning the body, and enhancing muscle definition.


Although exercises with kettlebells can provide a good strength training workout, this should not be considered an alternative to weight training, as the weights involved are not sufficient to build muscle to any great extent. The aim instead should be to develop fitness and stamina. In addition, the intensity of kettlebell exercise workouts can result in gradual and sustained weight loss due to the amount of calories being burned. Kettlebells can easily be incorporated into existing training regimes, or workouts can be specifically designed around them.


The number of different exercises that can be performed using kettlebells means that workouts can be adapted and varied to prevent boredom from developing. A training session will generally consist of exercises being repeated a predetermined number of times. By varying the exercises over the duration of a training session every muscle group in the body can be developed. It is therefore important that any movements performed using kettlebells are smooth in order to prevent injury.


The health and fitness benefits provided by kettlebell training have seen it become increasingly popular. Its use is thought to be equally advantageous for males and females. It appears to be a very effective option for anybody who has the desire to lose weight, as well as those who are simply looking to tone their muscles. When the associated improvement in stamina is also considered, it is clear that the use of kettlebells can result in extremely beneficial full body exercise workouts.