There isn't a lot of information offered for the fans of Starcraft 2 when it comes to the Ghosts of the Past. This is most likely an intentional move by the creators, as the trailer was most definitely an interest piquer. With the release of Ghosts of the Past the build up to the anticipation was heightened by the lack of available guide material. The cinematic trailer offered 20 seconds of hair raising anticipation among fan, and even created a few more fans with the understanding that this was truly going to be a once in a lifetime release.

You can trace the storyline, if you need to, by going back the Brood War. It's designed as an extension as well as a recap of the original story. This is great timing considering that since the release of the first story there have been many new and interested fans that don't want to have to go all the way back and trace the entire storyline. With the release of the Starcraft 2 Wings of Liberty game newer fans can start off again at the beginning while lifelong fans will become refocused on the intention set by Sarah Kerrigan's role.

Anyone who has been playing the game for any real length of time will know that the role of Sarah Kerrigan played a vital role in the release of the next storyline. If you've been reading guides along the way you will also know that her fate was undetermined, left in her own hands and the apparent destiny of it all. Sarah was battling against a particularly aggressive zerg attack and was hoping for the reinforcements she needed to come calling soon. Yet, the order was heard, The Terran Dominion leader announced that Jim Raynor was ordered to leave. Instead of leaving the planet, Jim Raynor was intending to create a destruction attempt on the Terran Dominion. With that he would be able to gain control.

As part of his plot he disguised himself as a mercenary and took command of some of the Terran soldiers. This provided the opportunity to battle his way, which will naturally lead to a dominant win.

The domination plot thickens as Jim Raynor struggles to understand the decisions made to leave Sarah behind. His ultimate opinion was that it meant her certain death due to the zerg attack and that meant that she had been significantly betrayed by the Terran Dominion leader. He feels his own sense of personal responsibility, and he is plagued by the frustration of understanding how to change what has already happened. Matt Horner attempts to guide him into the understanding that there is nothing personal in the decisions that are made but that the entire fight is about fighting for freedom. There have to be sacrifices in that. His decisions about his future have been left in his hands.

Starcraft 2 Ghosts of the Past has been noted as a visual masterpiece for the cinematography. While it isn't very long at all, it does provide everything you need to get caught up on the storyline, to remember how it all started, and to become inspired about what is to come. In anticipation of the new trilogy (Wings of Liberty, Legacy of the Void, and Heart of the Swarm) the Starcraft 2 collection is destined to become a favorite among gamers.