the gunbox

The Gunbox Box is new and innovative locking gun box that uses RFID technology and Biometric Fingerprint Scanning technology to help keep your gun safe and secure. The company's slogan is "Defend Responsibly" and that is what they have set out to do with their gun box. 

The Gunbox comes in three different models, RF only ($279), RF with Biometric ($299), and Premiere($475). The Premiere Gunbox comes with the added bonus of GPS tracking for your gun box. This article will center around the middle gun box that comes with RF and Biometric, but will also note the features of the other two boxes.


I am a big fan of when things are packaged well. The process of opening a product that is well packaged is almost just as enjoyable as the product itself. My favorite, of course, being apple products, I was anxious to see how the gunbox stood up against the standard that Apple has set, so when I opened up my new gunbox I was pretty excited to see the care that they took in packaging it. Everything was neat and in order, tightly fit into it's own little compartment. I made a video for you to see it for yourself. 


The gunbox comes with a pre-programed RFID bracelet that let's you in to the box. The bracelet itself is more like a traditional watch band but with plastic section where timepiece would usually be. The RFID chip is embedded within this plastic and is the key to opening the box. 

The gunbox has an RFID scanner right on the lid of the box and to get it open all you need to is to get the RFID chip on the bracelet right up next to the scanner on the box and viola, it opens right up. 

To be honest I was expecting the bracelet to be more of a stretchy wristband with the chip inside of it, but I am not let down in any way by the fact that it is a watch band instead. It is still comfortable and wouldn't be uncomfortable to wear around. My issue is that I would probably only wear the band when I am sleeping and wearing a watch band while I sleep isn't that attractive to me... but it is what it is, and it works well! Here is a video demonstration using the RFID bracelet and scanner to open the box.

Biometric Fingerprint

I always a little skeptical of how well something works when it has fingerprint scanning, in my experience it hasn't always gone well for some devices, and I was hoping that the gunbox wasn't one of them! Well let me tell you right now, I think they nailed it! They actually tout their fingerprint scanner as a 360 degree fingerprint scanner, which tells me I should be able to put my finger on the box in any direction and that it should be able to read my fingerprint. IT CAN!!!

So the fingerprint scanner is actually in a button, which I also was not expecting, but not bad in anyway. In order to get the scanner to look at your fingerprint you simply need to press the button, hold it down until the green light blinks (which can take up to a few seconds), and the box opens right up. You can program the box to hold multiple fingerprints, so if you wanted to program it for all 10 of your fingers you could!! The basic idea here is to program it for the adults that should have access to the gun and to successfully keep everyone else out. 

Like I said, the fingerprint scanner actually works very well and I am excited to have this kind of technology on my gunbox.


The box that I have been showing in the videos doesn't have the GPS technology but it is worth mentioning. The Premiere gunbox comes with GPS tracking and 24/7 tracking and alert notifications (for $75/year). The features are very cool but I didn't feel that we needed them in our house. It basically will send you notifications if your box is being tampered with or has moved locations, and for some, this might be essential so definitely take a look if you're interested. 

Other Cool Features

There are a couple of extras on the gunbox that I really thought were a nice touch.

USB Ports

The gunbox comes with two USB ports on the back of the box. Considering that most people will probably have their gunbox near their bed, what a great idea! Now I can just plug my iPhone right in to the back of my gun box and never have reach way under my bed, or behind my nightstand, to get the cable when I need it for other things!

Motion/Vibration Sensor & Alarm

The box has an audible alarm that will sound if the box is moved or shaken. This is AWESOME and I would make sure this is always turned on if you have kids in the house! The alarm is enabled or disabled with some switches that are located inside the gunbox.


  • Battery backup with shut off switch
  • Kensington Lock port
  • Mounting holes so you can mount in any orientation.



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The gunbox is a great way to keep your gun safe and secure. The box is super heavy duty, made with some really solid aluminum and seems like it is going to last a long time. They have implemented some great features to the box and I know that my wife and I are going to rest easier knowing that our gun is locked up tight!