If you have ever tried to lose weight with a fad diet, you know that it doesn't work. Every month a new diet comes along and in six months it is barely a memory. Whether you decide to eat nothing but grapefruit or you opt for a more popular diet like Atkins, you will find that you do not want to eat that way for the rest of your life and in a few months you will have gained back all of the weight.
Thousands of people are experiencing fast weight loss with the HCG weight loss protocol but there is a big difference between the HCG diet and the so-called "fad" diets. The vast majority of people who lose weight on the HCG drops are able to keep it off long-term.

The HCG diet: A Fad or the real thing?

The HCG weight loss protocol is not a fad. The HCG diet has been around since the 1950s-- well over fifty years. It is a medical diet, created by a British Endocrinologist, Dr. A.T.W. Simeons, who developed the HCG protocol to treat his obese patients. Most of the people who succeed with the HCG diet have tried many other diets and failed.
Dr. Simeons believed that obesity was not a matter of eating too much, but a more complex combination of genetics and environment. Two people can eat identical meals over a period of time and one person will gain weight while the other will not. The difference is the way their body has been conditioned to process excess. The HCG diet is very strict, but it works for everyone who is committed to losing weight.

How the HCG diet works

HCG is a natural hormone produced in women during menstruation and pregnancy. It is also used in men and women to enhance fertility. The HCG weight loss protocol combines the hormone HCG (human chorionic gonadotrophin) with a very low calorie diet (VLCD), followed by a weight stabilization period called maintenance.
During pregnancy, one function of HCG is to trigger the hypothalamus to release fat stored in the body so that it can be used to nourish the fetus. On the HCG diet, injections or homeopathic HCG drops serve the same purpose. While you eat 500-calories per day, another 3000 are released from fat stores on your body and eliminated.
That is one of the reasons people who do the HCG diet report minimal feelings of hunger or no hunger at all. Your body is, in fact, processing 3000 calories per day and you are losing weight as stored, abnormal fat is released.

Lose 5 to 20 pounds on Week 1

On a so-called "fad" diet, participants lose on average 2 to 5 pounds the first week and then 1 to 3 pounds per week. Even worse, the first fat to go is structural fat and muscle tissue, both of which are necessary for a strong, healthy body.
On the other hand, HCG does not tap into necessary fat stores. In fact, on the HCG weight loss plan, when all your stored abnormal fat is burned, you'll stop losing weight, with all of your necessary structural fat and muscle tissue intact. On the HCG weight loss program, participants lose 5 to 20 pounds the first week and an average of one-half to one pound per day thereafter.
One of the reasons the HCG diet is so popular is because the fast weight loss builds self-confidence. As long as you follow the HCG protocol exactly, including six weeks of maintenance at the end of the diet, you will not only lose weight, your metabolism will be reset at a higher rate, your body will have a new setpoint weight, and you'll be able to eat normally, with a good understanding and desire for what normal eating really is.

The HCG diet: A cure for obesity

The biggest accomplishment of all is that your hypothalamus will be reset to burn fat in a more consistent, healthy way instead of piling it onto your body in layers. Dr. Simeons believed the HCG diet was a cure for obesity. With 300,000 people in the US alone, dying from obesity-related diseases, it's really no wonder the HCG diet is gaining in popularity. There is no shortage of people who have proven how well it works.
If you are obese or at risk for obesity and you have been unsuccessful on other diets, you may find that the HCG diet is the answer for you.
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