Credit: ImageAfter.com

Perhaps the most common issue encountered by PS3 owners is the loss of signal when switching between HDMI and Scart leads.

A system encountering this issue will for all intents and purposes appear to be working normally, the green light is displayed as usual and the normal sounds such as the fans will be heard. No picture will be visible on the tv screen however.

Many new owners will tend to panic and assume that something serious is wrong with their system when in fact the issue is very easily solvable.

The reason that this happens is because when a Playstation 3 is connected to a television via a HDMI cable, the output signal is automatically set to HDMI for future use. When the same console is then connected back to a Scart cable it appears as though no picture is being sent and the screen will remain blank.

Generally this problem tends to be encountered most commonly when switching back from HDMI to a Scart cable although has been reported to occasionally happen the other way around as well.

Fixing this problem is luckily very easy and simply requires resetting the system. When a system is reset it will then detect which output device is connected to it and will send the appropriate system.

To reset the system and cause the PS3 to re-detect the output signal, simply turn the console off and then hold the power button until you hear a beep which should take about 5 seconds or so.

Changing these settings is also possible through the settings menu although of course can't be done while you can't see the picture.

If this doesn't solve the issue or if the light on the console is red, a more serious issue such as a firmware corruption could be the cause and other repairs may be needed.