Perpetual energy.


Physically impossible.

Well-known scam.

Full Review

A new device, dubbed the "HHO Generator", promises to end the world's dependence on fossil fuels by providing an incredible new gas to be used as a clean, almost limitless source of energy. The catch? HHO doesn't exist, and the claims of the HHO generator's "designers" (multiple people have made claims to the creation of such devices, as the con in question has been used by scam artists for years) violate the proven laws of chemistry and physics, as well as basic common sense. Sadly, some people are being parted from their hard-earned money to invest in this "miraculous" technology, unaware they they are buying into nothing more than modern snake oil.

The premise of this device is that it takes water (H2O) and converts it through an electrical process into a gas with completely different properties (HHO). For those who aren't familiar with chemical nomenclature, H2O and HHO are, well, exactly the same thing. Devotees of the HHO generator will quickly chime up, "But the molecular structure is different!" Their psuedo-scientific assertion is that water is arranged as H-O-H, and that their miracle gas is arranged H-H-O (or H=H=O, or H=H-O, or another of the myriad bonding structures). The problem is that none of these bonding structures can actually exist between two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom, or at least not under normal temperatures and pressures. H2O has only one stable molecular structure: water.

The claims of HHO proponents go even further in their violation of the laws of physics. They claim that by running ordinary water through their device, a small amount of energy will convert the water into a fuel. The fuel, which is supposedly very energy-dense, can then be used in all sorts of applications, like automobile engines and welding torches. The resulting byproducts? Just the water you started with, of course. Again, we see a major problem. Water goes in; then a small amount of energy goes in; then a large amount of energy comes out; finally, the original water comes out. The problem with this picture? Energy is being created from nowhere, and that just doesn't happen in the physical world in which we reside. Energy can neither be created nor destroyed. It can only change form.

If this device could do what its peddlers claim, a single machine could be set up to turn water into HHO, burn the HHO for energy, and feed the water and a small portion of the energy right back through the machine. This simple loop would generate energy from nothing, forever. Why, with a limitless supply of energy that could be sold directly to power companies or consumers, would these hucksters need "investors" in their devices?

In Closing

Any time someone tries to get you to invest money into any product that deals with energy, you should be extremely skeptical. Genuine technological breakthroughs are not marketed directly to individual, small investors, and certainly not to people who have no connection to the energy industry. Don't let a smooth sales pitch and scientific-sounding jargon cloud your judgment.