The HTC Desire S - Evolved Mobile Phone

Do you want a multi-award winning  smart phone in the palm of your hands? The HTC Desire is not the phone to get. There is a phone you will desire to want though, the new and improved HTC Desire S 4G. With amazing and new features, the HTC Desire S is the phone to have. Evolved Browsing making it easier and faster to search, all in one HD camera and camcorder, and HTC “Sense”. Not only does the HTC Desire S come with new phone features, it comes with new physical features as well. A 3.7 inch screen, slimmer and stronger body design, and fast 4G speed. The new and improved HTC Desire S will not disappoint. T-Mobile and AT&T are the present carriers, though Verizon and Sprint will sure to be wanting the Desire S as well. Not only do US carriers have this phone but also UK carriers. The HTC Desire S has been evolved.

One of the features of many that the HTC Desire S has to offer is faster and easier browsing. With fast 4G speed, browsing on the internet is quick and efficient. Update your status on Facebook, Tweet your friends, or Flickr until your fingers fall off! Visit any website at the palm of your hand right as you want to. Easy touchscreen makes the text flow right down the page for fast reading. Pinch the screen to zoom in on text, pinch the screen again to zoom out and return to normal size text. See something that sparks your curiosity? Simply highlight the text, copy and paste it into the Google or Wikipedia search engine to research more on what you are interested in. Having the ability to have two windows up at the same time is a plus. No need to go back and forth to look at different things when you can look at them all together. Comparing or multi-tasking something you do a lot? Then the HTC Desire S is for you.

Have you ever felt like you couldn’t capture the perfect moment? Well now you can. With an all in on camera and HD camcorder, you can take a picture anytime and anywhere. With the HD camcorder you can re-live the moment in High Definition. No blur no problem. The HTC Desire S has a five megapixel color camera with auto focus and power LED flash, making pictures efficient and ready to use at any time of the day no matter how dark is may be outside. Make sure to use the new and trendy front facing camera, it comes in handy as well. There are also options for cropping and rotating photos as well. It has 720p HD video recording making videos crystal clear. Video chat friends and family in HD as well, clear and bigger picture makes video chatting fun and easy! The new display enhances picture and video because of improved effective resolution. Also, it allows you to wirelessly stream your videos straight to your TV via as a DLNA connection. The HTC Desire S has more accurate color and better reproduction making the quality of the picture and video bigger and better. You will get vibrant, quality pictures, and different types of viewing angles as well. Something that assures you that your phone will have no scratches or cracks in your lenses or home screen is that the HTC Desire S is protected by Gorilla Glass. No matter how hard you stab it with a pen or an object of some sort there will be guaranteed no cuts or damage at all.

The HTC “Sense” is not just one new addition to the Desire S, it is more! The HTC “Sense’s” whole meaning is simple ideas to make things easier for you in every way. With the Weather and Clock app, the weather and time changes automatically when you travel. No need to change your clock because of the time difference or see how the weather is going to be for the day, HTC “Sense” does is for you. People Centric Communication makes all of your calls, messages and updates organized by people not by apps. Have everything that is the most important to you in the order you desire. The Customizable Home screen lets you add everything to your home screen. Want keep up on your friend stream? See your Facebook friends updates, Tweets and Flickr all on one screen. No more awkward moments when your phone is on loud and goes off. Just flip the phone over to turn the volume mode on silent. Also, as soon as your pick up your phone to see who is calling the volume automatically gets lower. Don’t worry about missing that call you have been waiting for all day. The HTC Desire S knows when and how to get your attention to answer that phone call. For example, when your phone is in your purse, it will ring louder than if it was not in your purse to get your attention. Most busy people have more than one email account, what they don’t have is all of your email accounts combined together. The HTC Desire S merges all of your emails on one screen so you can see them all at the same time. They’re automatically color coordinated so you know what’s what, and you can sort them according by importance, groups or content.

With all of these fun and useful apps and features, this phone will not let you down. The HTC Desire S 4G, brings the smartphone to a whole new level. Making browsing faster and easier, HD camera and camcorder to capture the best moments, and the one of a kind and new HTC “Sense” makes this phone original and a must. Have the phone of the year in your hands. If so, you will have a smarter and faster device that is very reliable. Have long lasting battery life, better software, and upgraded durable design body.