Easy to spare room

If living in a cramped area or need a small inexpensive TV for a child, the Haier HLT71 handheld LCD TV might be something to look into. It has a huge wealth of reviews from Amazon and has been discounted price-wise substantially. It's small and compact at only 2.7 pounds so it can be squeezed into any tight corner or office space available. You'd want it to remain stationary as it won't pick up signals that well while on the move. This is the type of device you'd use as a kitchen TV or on the deck outside. Still though, it's a bestselling product on Amazon which suggests it maybe worth the drastically reduced sale price after all. Here I'll provide a few specifications and some other info about the HLT71 handheld TV.

haier handheld lcd tvCredit: amazon

What it can do

Well, first off the HLT71 will play your ATSC and NTSC over-the-air channels. Since the digital transition, you most likely will be viewing ATSC channels. You have the option of viewing your favorite TV shows in either 16:9 widescreen or with a 4:3 standard screen size. It also has an A/V jack so you can hook up other devices to add to the entertainment value. It's always a good idea to make sure you get good reception before purchasing any handheld TV tuner. It has a detachable antenna which will aid you in finding your favorite channels, but one reviewer notes that if you're not sure how many channels you'll receive in your area, just go to a website called antennaweb, type in your address and it'll show you what channels are available. A digital coaxial audio connection is available for superior sound - just connect it to a surround sound receiver for improved audio. Of course, it may look a bit silly with movie theater sound coming from such a tiny 7 inch screen, but to each his own.

Stuff it comes with

You can also plug in your headphones if at a work place and don't want the boss to know you're watching TV on the clock. Many reviewers note the great image quality on the 7 inch display, so you're really not missing out picture-wise. Again, you'll be able to view ATSC, NTSC and even QAM signals which typically come in a bit better than digital signals. It offers a 2.5 battery life, and included are car and AC adapters for extra power. A handy remote lets you control playback if too far from the screen. The picture is well enough that you can see it from a nice little distance, so the remote would come in handy. Of course, if in a cramped area you might not need it, but it's always good to have.

Cheap price

The price is affordable enough that you can buy a stand and a carrying case without spending over a hundred bucks. This device has longevity since it was first released to Amazon in 2004 yet has outlasted later handheld TVs with it being compatible with the ATSC digital signals. And if reception is really bad in your area, just hook it up to cable and you're all set. Conversely, you could always check out portable DVD players with TV tuners if you simply can't get any luck with reception.

To conclude

The Haier HLT71 handheld LCD TV is definitely a customer favorite on Amazon, but does that mean it's right for you?. Yes it does - just kidding! Yes it has plenty of features, but there are many other devices on the market you can view. For instance, you could find a few Envizen Digital portable DVD players with TV that can compete price-wise with other devices in its market. It may not be as cheap as the handheld TV, but with added DVD component it all evens out.