The Halloween Handbook - Your Best Source for Spooky Inspiration

If you love all things All Hallows’ Eve, like me, then you need to own a copy of The Halloween Handbook. This Halloween reference book, coauthored by Bridie Clark and Ashley Dodd, with photos by Janette Beckman, is to Halloween what Vogue is to haute couture! You wouldn’t jump from a plane without a parachute, and a ship wouldn't sail the seas without GPS. You can’t celebrate All Hallows’ Eve, in all its gory, without The Halloween Handbook.

The bulk of content in this spook-tacular Halloween book deals with Halloween costumes. Individual chapters are devoted to unique genres of disguise. As a guide, the chapters break down as follows:

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Chapter 1: Classic Getups                                    Such frightfully fitting standards as the "Mummy," the "Vampire," and the "Witch" are featured.

Chapter 2: Word Puzzles
Ever hear of "Chick Magnet," "Gold Digger," and "Trophy Wife?"

Chapter 3:  Sexy
Here are some perennial favorites, like the “Flasher,” “God’s Gift to Women,” and always a crowd pleaser, the “Naughty Professor.” Calculus anyone?

Chapter 4:  Great Figures in History
“Cleopatra,” “George Washington,” and “George and Barbara Bush” – their famous names are printed across the annuals of time. Now, aren’t you glad you didn’t sleep through history?

Chapter 5:  Television and Movie Heroes and Heroines
With iconic characters like “James Bond,” “Judy Jetson,” and “Princess Leia,” any beloved character is fair game. It’s the witching hour, after all. Indulge your Halloween fantasy, and star as that hero or heroine for whom you’ve always dreamed of being.

Chapter 6:  Hollywood and Other Stars
Whoever said “Elvis” was dead? Is that “Tina Turner” and “Dolly Parton” across the room?

Chapter 7Other Good Reasons to Stay Awake While in College
“Emily Dickinson,” “Albert Einstein,” and “Mona Lisa” are synonymous, respectively, with the world of poetry, physics, and painting. Pick your preferred discipline and your favorite idol.

Chapter 8:  Ready, Set, Go – Compete in Your Chosen Sport
In high school, did you dream of being the “cheerleader,” dating the preeminent quarterback? Well, here’s your chance. On this magical night, transform yourself into that “cheerleader” you’ve always longed to play.

You get the idea. The Halloween Handbook is the most thorough Halloween costume guide I’ve ever read. Clear instructions, coupled with excellent photography, make transforming yourself on October 31 spookily simple.

This ‘everything Halloween’ piece of nonfiction doesn’t, however, limit itself to just dress. For those history buffs out there, this book offers a detailed history of the holiday as well as outlining how this scary day and night have evolved throughout the centuries.

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Are you planning a Halloween party for this bewitching night? If the answer is ‘yes’, then this guidebook is full of tips and tricks, recipes, and tons of decorating ideas to ensure your guests have a spook-tacular time.

If you’re pregnant, or you want to don Halloween attire as a group, then you’ll find a particular section for you as well.

Published in 2004, The Halloween Handbook is timeless. It comes in paperback, and it can be ordered from such online booksellers as Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Books-A-Million. If money is tight, check it out from your local library.

I hope you enjoy The Halloween Handbook, and here’s wishing you a happy and howling All Hallows’ Eve!

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