Many people with disabilities find themselves stuck in a chair unable to get out. Usual causes are limited mobility issues like arthritis, some form of surgery or a handicap. Getting up and out of the chair can take alot of effort and often results in excessive pain and discomfort. This is where the handicap chair lift becomes very useful, it can lift the person and position them to be able to stand with ease, making the process much easier.

A handicap chair lift works by lifting the occupant to a position of 40-45 degrees and so positions them to be able to stand with ease and reduces the stress and strain upon the back and legs. The controls are positioned on the arm rest and usually have a cover of some sort to hide them when not in use. A standard chair has controls to lift and lower the seat, while automatically adjusting the angle. Some of the more expensive models have extra controls, which even though are nice to have, they are not necessary and some people may find them confusing.

There are many different types of handicap chair lift, some come in the form of a pad which you place on any chair. The chair pad works in the same way as a lift, you can place it on a chair and it will assist you in standing by lifting and angling the occupant so they can stand with ease. The pad is a useful aid but is less robust and can only handle smaller weights, it may struggle with a larger person.

A handicap chair lift looks like any other chair, it comes in many different styles and can be placed in any room without looking out of place. The lifting mechanism is well hidden within the chair itself. The price range changes depending on the features required. For a standard "lift and lower" chair the price usually stays within a $450 - $750 range. You may be able to get a cheaper chair but the quality would be lower.

Many people struggle when trying to leave a chair, it can be an uncomfortable and stressful time. The handicap chair lift is the perfect answer, its unobtrusive and simple to use.