Happiness is said to be personal-for example some people are happiest in the mountains, others are happiest at the beach.
Happiness and the pursuit of happiness tend to dwell in our thoughts to a fair degree.

Happiness of Countries: Happy Country

Someone on the Web actually has a happiness study that people worldwide can do, which takes a assessment of global happiness right at that moment.

Approach and Action: The How of Happiness
People can have many diverse reasons for being happy.
The accomplishment of a goal, first-rate health, spending time with God, spending quiet time reflecting on the good things that have happened in their lives, playing their favorite sport, helping someone else, all contribute to a feeling of happiness.

Happiness is said to be personal-for example some people are happiest in the mountains, others are happiest at the beach. The World Database of Happiness and the New Economics Foundation has each put together qualifications that they use to establish which countries on earth are truly happy. Not all the countries which made each list are wealthy in terms of finances but some are.

The lists together include Costa Rica, Luxembourg (the world’s richest country), Guatemala (which is frequently hit by hurricanes), Canada (which also made it onto the list of the world’s friendliest countries), Jamaica, Sweden (Swedes can pay up to 80% of their income in taxes), the Netherlands and the Dominican Republic.

The winning countries were selected based on factors such as life expectancy, the level of care displayed in using the earth’s natural resources and answers to the multiple choice question, “How happy are you?”

Jamaica World Happiness Rating

Jamaica World Happiness Rating makes the country the third happiest in the world. Jamaica is developing without leaving a huge ecological footprint. The country's development is sustainable. It's not done at the expense of the earth.

Jamaicans have a high life expectancy. In addition to that, most of those years are lived with a fair degree of happiness. Public health - physcial and mental well being- is given top priority in the country.

For example, in Jamaica, 97 percent of babies are born with the assistance of capable health professionals and 5% of Jamaica’s energy needs are met from renewable resources.

Costa Rica was also ranked the 8th most stable country in the world by the Economist magazine and the 5th cleanest country in the earth by Yale’s EPI.

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