You would think with all the cars being stolen out there that the top of the line cars, the rare and expensive ones, would be targeted the most by theives, but you'd be wrong. Would you be surprised to learn that the Honda Accord comes in at the top of the list? Yes, one model year or another of the Honda Accord is favored by car thieves--nearly 55,000 are stolen per year. After the Honda Accord comes Toyota Camry and the Honda Civic. The reason for this is that they are pretty common and you can find them most anywhere. Here are some interesting facts about stolen vehicles in the United States.

Every 33 seconds a car is stolen. That's about a million stolen cars a year.

Along with the Honda Accord, Toyota Camry and Honda Civic, the 2004 Dodge Ram pickup is a favorite of car thieves along with the Ford 1997 F-150 pickup truck.

Half of the cars that get stolen are found with the doors unlocked.

15 per cent of the cars stolen have the keys still sitting in the ignition.

25 per cent of car owners leave valuables such as wallets and purses sitting out in plain sight in the car.

A little over half of the stolen cars in this country are recovered by the police. However, only 13 per cent of car thieves are ever caught and prosecuted.

Air bags are the one item most often stolen from cars. Why? Stolen air bags are re-sold for up to $200 each. It costs $1000 to replace an air bag in your own car.

Cars are most often stolen from driveways and garages.

California and Texas are the two states where car theft is most prevalent. About 1/3 of all cars in the United States are stolen in these two states. Many cars are scraped and shipped to Mexico and South America.

Finally, let's not forget about car insurance fraud. Nearly 1/3 of every car insurance claim is fraudulent. This translates into every car insurance policy holder paying an additional $300 in premiums each year to cover those losses by the insurance companies. Finally, close to 20,000 cars are set on fire on purpose by the owner so an insurance claim can be filed.