There are many times in life ,that we often take the path of least resistance. In the long run not having the self-discipline to do what needs doing or not to do what is destructive leads us to a less fulfilled life. I have seven steps that can help with developing the self-discipline, we need live our best possible life. They are as follows.


1. Know Thyself: One of the first things we need to do when we are trying to develop self-discipline is to rate ourselves objectively. Often when we rate others we look at their actions and when we check ourself we look at our intentions. To develop self-discipline we need to test our actions and results.

2. Find Accountability: In the process of developing self-discipline people need to know a well-kept secret; we often can't trust ourselves. Accountability should begin before action. It needs to start with understanding your values and the boundaries in your life that are not negotiable and what you are not willing to compromise.

3. Be Patience: Very few things that are worthwhile in life come to us instantly. Self-discipline is a very hard and often a time-consuming habit to develop.

4. Look in the Mirror Objectively: We often over or under-estimate our abilities. We need to see ourselves realistically.

5. Think Long-Term: If  you want to have self-discipline in your life, then you need to start thinking in a long-term perspective. What you do or do not do today will have an impact on your future one way or another.

6. Write your Goals Out: It is important to put what you want to carry out in writing. Keep your goals available and review them everyday. Example if the self-discipline that you are focusing on is living a healthy life and you know you need to lose thirty pounds. Write the goal out, break it into an achievable time frame of say one and a half to two pounds per weeks. Put a time frame on it and then break down the steps you will use to achieve it.

7. Never Give Up: One of the most important things to remember is that is you never give up and never give in you can never truly fail.