Hardwood floors are used extensively in residential and commercial interiors due to their durability and warmth. As a popular flooring option, hardwood floors are obtained from natural eco-friendly materials and evoke a sense of quality and style to any room. Hardwood floors are an affordable option due to their longevity and flexibility as a practical and decorative flooring alternative. Beautiful and exotic, they will age gracefully if they are maintained on a regular basis.

There are a wide range of woods and colors to suit any decor.


Ash is a popular choice for its strength and beauty. This type of wood flooring offers a uniform, light texture and grain.


Although this is officially a grass, bamboo is seen as an exotic type of wood which has grown in popularity as a flooring option. It is plentiful, affordable and more durable and stronger than most of the hardwood species. Ecologically friendly, bamboo can be harvested every five years.


Birch has a beautiful appearance and, like pine, is a soft wood with knots and swirls.


With its slight grain and fresh, light color, maple is a popular choice.


Oak is the most popular hardwood flooring choice. Oak varies from light honey to rich amber with a tight, dark grain. It is strong, affordable and comes in a wide selection.


Pine offers a bright and airy look and feel. It has always been widely available and has been used extensively in older homes and buildings. Because it is easy to maintain and affordable, we now see it in more contemporary homes.

Wood flooring is a responsible ecological choice. As a recyclable resource, reclaimed woods are readily available. Plenty of reclaimed oak and pine varieties are salvaged from old schools, hospitals and wharves. However, they are a more expensive option due to the amount of work that needs to go into each plank to make it useable.

Hardwood floors are a durable option but you must maintain and protect the surface regularly. Daily vacuuming and dry mopping is needed to keep the surface free of dirt. Floors need to be stained and then covered in a layer of oil or lacquer to offer some protection from water. Water is the enemy of hardwood floors. Hardwood floor water damage is the fastest way to harm your floor. To avoid extensive repair and damage bills, water spills and leaks need to be cleaned up and dried as soon as possible. Immediate action will prevent warping, staining and rot.

Hardwood floors are timeless and never go out of style. By regularly taking care of your hardwood floors, you can avoid costly repairs and keep them looking amazing for many years to come.