True genius is rare. As a father, I am constantly sifting through the information overload of the modern world to find educational truths for my child to learn from. We read the Potter series together at night. It’s our shared time and it’s still giving back to us the joy of continuing moments of inspired learning and parent to child educational encounters. I can almost relate any form of human frailty (or victory) to the familiar context of an event within the storyline of the series. It gives life and humanity to the very passionate and human experience that is the history of man.

My educational function, as I see it, is to help steer my young mind through the mistakes that have been made by our species, so that my child can create an unknown and loving future for herself and the world. The series is a multidimensional, rich tapestry in the art of love. There is a historical parallel to the racial nightmare that was the driving force behind the Second World War. Demonstrated is the attraction of love that emanates from minds committed to each other within a shared single purpose of light and its insertion into the world. It shows how young minds, given a nurturing and loving environment can, and will mature into responsible and loving people. Nothing in popular culture that I know of demonstrates how institutions re-invent themselves through fear to attempt to stave off redundancy better than this little story of three sweet friends. I t shows the true power of words and how they can be used wisely. The human experience is fascinating and when seen as whole. The radical notion of forgiveness and love is tabled as currency in the series so well it still surprises me.

The example of the fantasy that Harry holds of his father and the subsequent illumination that he was flawed just like everyone else is such a valuable lesson for children and in fact everyone. Watching the characters evolve through the traps of fear is a joy to me. I am so grateful that this series exists in my daughter’s life. It’s such a wonderful balance to the passionate emergence of self-identity that her other obsession, the Twilight series speaks to. Give me The Beatles, Stat Trek next generation, Eddie Izzard and Harry and I feel like I might just win the battle for the loving heart.