Everyone is prone to car accidents as everyone needs to get out of the house to go to school, work, or to engage in leisure activities. While walking or driving along a road, it is very possible that they cross paths with a negligent driver who can harm them.

Whiplash and paralysis are two of the most common injuries sustained in a car accident. In some cases, the pain from whiplash would go away after a few days but most cases of paralysis are permanent and will cause life-long agony to the victim and to those around him.

Whiplash can be severe

Whiplash injuries are usually incurred by a vehicle occupant who has been involved in a collision. It can result from stretching of the neck muscle or spinal cord injuries caused by the seat restraints in motor vehicles and some amusement park rides.

In minor cases of whiplash, the pain can be relieved through home remedies such as applying of cold compress in the affected area for a period of time and taking of over-the-counter anti-inflammatory drugs and pain relievers.

However, there are severe cases of whiplash that would require sessions of motion exercises and physical therapy as well as wearing of cervical collar for at least two weeks. In these cases of serious whiplash, a person can become disabled because of his limited head movement as well as damages to his cervical spine. There are also instances when they would experience persistent pain and would need pain medication and antidepressants.

Paralysis can be temporary

Paralysis after a car accident is usually caused by damages to the person's spinal cord because of ejection from the vehicle or misuse of seat restraints. It causes inability to move a certain body part and loss of sensation in the affected area.

The severity of paralysis usually depends on the location of the spinal cord trauma. Generally, the higher the damage is, the more serious the paralysis will be.

Keep in mind though that not all spinal cord injuries will result to permanent paralysis as there are cases where paralysis can be treated with physical therapy and medical procedures that the patient will undergo.

Also, be reminded that a car crash victim shouldn't be moved if spinal cord injury is suspected. These injuries can be indicated by the person's numbness in the affected area, dizziness, as well as loss of motor movements.

Who can help

Victims of car accidents are encouraged to seek the assistance of a Los Angeles car accident attorney who can help them recover compensation for their economic and non-economic losses which includes pain and suffering as well as hedonic damages.