A lot of us enjoy sex, but few of us realize just how healthy it is for us. There is a lot of research that has gone into discovering the many health benefits of sex and more information is found out with each new study. There is no doubt about it, sex has a lot more benefits then just a little social interaction, procreation, or fun. Regular sex can actually make you healthier, make it more likely that you will feel well, and a whole lot more. The hormones and chemicals released during sex combined with the physical aspects of sex is really great for the body.

It isn't hard to realize that sex is exercise. It gets the heart beating well and the blood pumping. It is great on the cardiovascular system and it even burns anywhere from 85 to 200 calories per half an hour. The average couple has sex about 20 minutes per time, so you are getting rid of a fair amount of calories each time. If you vary your positions and try new things you are also adding stretching to the mix and a fantastic work out for the whole body. Sex also increases flexibility and even muscle tone. These benefits are for both partners! Sex can even be good for weight loss and weight management

Improves Cardiovascular Health.
The exercise that sexual activity provides helps the blood pump better, gets the heart beating well, and adds strength to the cardiovascular system. It is also known for helping to lower blood pressure! Studies show that having sex just 2 times a week lowers the risk of heart attack and stroke. Even as you age, having sex two or more times a week can lower your risk of having cardiovascular issues, heart attack, and stroke.

Boosts Immunity.
Research has revealed that those who get regular sex (defined as two or more times a week) get sick less, get better sooner (when they do get sick), are less likely to go see a doctor, and have shorter hospital stays when things do go wrong. It is believed that these results are because of the hormones that are released during sex as well as the fact that sex increases immunoglobulin A in the body. Immunoglobulin A is known for aiding the body's immunity and helping it fight off foreign agents in the system.

Detoxifies The Body.
Sex gets your heart pumping and increases your breathing rates. This in turn lets your body take in more oxygen and lets the blood get to and from various parts of the body quicker. Both of these processes allow the body to detoxify itself and get rid of all sorts of toxins from a wide variety of organs. Which means that sex helps your body to function better!

Reduces Pain.
Everyone has heard the saying, "Not tonight honey, I have a headache." Well, research shows that sex actually works toward reducing minor aches and pains including headaches, cramps, PMS symptoms, and back aches. This is because sex releases Oxytocin, a natural pain reliever (with a lot of other benefits) into the system. This can then in turn reduce pain all over the body, including that headache!

The Fountain Of Youth.
People have searched for the fountain of youth for years, however the fountain of youth has already been discovered, we just never knew it. It causes DHEA to be released into the system. This in turn helps boost the immune system, repairs tissues, improves cognition, keeps skin healthy, and it helps work as a natural antidepressant.

Less Depression and Anxiety.
Sex offers a lot of good things. It can help with depression and anxiety. Research shows that part of this is because of the relationships that are formed with sexual activity. However it also has to do with the hormones and chemicals that are released in the body during sexual activity. Many of the chemicals that the body releases during sexual activity have anti-depressant elements.

Boosts Hormones.
The body releases hormones during sexual activity. In both men and women testosterone and estrogen are released. Testosterone fortifies bones and muscles. It also helps to keep the heart working well. Estrogen protects against heart disease. All in all, these hormones are good for health purposes.

Improves Sleep.
Oxytocin causes relaxation which makes it easier to fall asleep and makes it easier to stay asleep. We have all seen people who fall asleep great after having sex. There is actually a scientific reason for it! Often times the effects of the oxytocin hit men sooner and they are known for falling asleep after sex more. However, it still aids women in sleep as well.

Decreases Incontinence.
Frequent sexual activity helps keep the pelvic floor muscles strong and toned. Weakness in these muscles cause incontinence, the inability to control ones own bladder, which is a frequent problem as we age. However, frequent sex decreases incontinence because of the stronger pelvic floor muscles. This is one more way that regular sex can be like the fountain of youth.

Reduces Cancer Risks.
Studies show that frequent sex, at least twice a week, actually reduces the risk of cancer. It may include a wide range of cancers, but definitely includes prostate cancer in men and breast cancer in women. This is because of the hormones and the chemicals released into the body during sex. In fact, it is believed by some that sex two or three times a week can reduce prostrate and breast cancer risks by as much as 30%. More and more research suggests that regular sex can protect the body from a wide range of issues and many of them may be cancer related.

Other Benefits.
Sex has a huge variety of health benefits, however it also has social benefits. In addition to this there are also emotional and psychological benefits. These can help with our mental health and help us avoid a lot of mental illnesses.

There is no doubt about it, sex is more then just enjoyable. It also does more for us then provide us with a way to procreate. It helps to keep us healthy and young. It helps keep our bodies working in tip top shape. The more sex that we have, the better the results. Most research is based on regular sex as defined by two or three times a week. Additional research continues to be done and more and more studies are showing the positive benefits of sex. Sex for a better, healthier, and prolonged life!