The Health Benefits of Bowling

Bowling isn't generally the sport people think of as having health benefits, but it really does. Not only does bowling have surprising physical benefits, but it can also have mental benefits as well. Bowling affects the whole body and also the mind. The mind, in turn, has a tremendous effect on the body. This makes bowling a win/win sport, even for the beginner.

Rolling a bowling ball down the alley is very similar to walking with a weight. This action helps strengthen both the arm and torso. The steps leading up to the foul line helps keep the bowlers legs and back in shape. Both joints and muscles realize benefits from this act, which utilizes the whole body,  right up until the release of the bowling ball.  For people who have not been active for a long time, the evidence of the benefits of bowling are often apparent the day after they play, when they notice their sore muscles. Bowling uses calories and can actually help less active people lose body fat  and weight. 

There is a relatively low chance of getting hurt while bowling, making it a great pastime for older people, while keeping them mobile, in shape and giving them something to do. Bowling can also help older players, and anyone else for that matter, improve their balance. Holding the heavy bowling ball while in motion forces one to use muscles that they normally would not be using for balance.

In order to get the most benefit to the body while bowling, practicing can give a better workout than playing in a league. This is because there is less time between frames and the player can actually bowl more.

One of the ways that bowling can be good for the psyche is because of the social benefits it has. Bowling is a very communal game. Playing on a team can lift a person’s spirits because of the sense of working toward a common goal. Bowling teams tend to be very supportive and encouraging. This can be especially beneficial for those who do not get to socialize with other people much, such as stay at home parents or people who are usually isolated for other reasons. Playing bowling in a league is also goal-oriented; each player does their best for the sake of the team and winning the championship.

For all of these reasons, bowling help people psychologically by reducing the stress that can be caused by being isolated. It gives the bowler an opportunity to focus on something else besides the day-to-day worries they have for a couple of hours. Many studies have concluded that things that benefit one’s psyche in this way can in turn have physical benefits, such as a decreased risk of heart disease and other illnesses.

It is true that no one has ever prepared for a triathlon by bowling. Yet, it does offer a chance for greater health and well being. This is especially true for those who are elderly and/or have not been active in a while, possibly helping to prepare or motivate them for a more challenging physical activity. Bowling can be an excellent way to keep muscles limber and of keeping people social. All ages can participate in bowling, making it the perfect family activity.

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