Chocolate Is a Rich Source of Antioxidants that Have Proven to Support Strong Health

 Now you can have your cake and eat it too.  As long as it is chocolate cake.  Chocolate lovers the world over can rejoice because scientific research has backed up your need to have chocolate (finally a government funded research project that is worth it's tax payer money).  The secret to the healthy benefits of chocolate resides in it's ability to provide antioxidants to the body.  So, you no longer have to hide your chocolate stash because you're pretending to be healthy.  Now it's ok to eat those chocolate candy bars out in the open.

“The term ‘chocolate’ is derived from the Aztec Nahualt language for the word cacahuatt, or ‘cocoa water’ (Aaron and Bearden 63). Cocoa, or dark chocolate, has been providing numerous different health benefits to humans since the ancient times. Those benefits commence from curing illness to releasing a content of a feel-good feeling. The proof of the health benefits of dark chocolate can be traced back to historical times of medical remedies and modern day use to sooth the mind and heal the body.

In tropical regions around the world, cocoa trees are grown to produce chocolate. The Aztecs and the Mayans utilized this plant to compound remedies. In 1570, intrigued by the Aztecs’ knowledge of medicine, Francisco Hernandez, Philip the II’s royal physician included chocolate in his recipe to cute impotence (Aaron and Bearden 72). Chocolate was prepared in various different ways based on the condition aimed to be treated (79). No buttery or creamy chocolate delight will heal, only the pure basics. Referring back to the Mayans, men often gave dark chocolate to women to maintain their fertility (79). This could be the reason why we incorporated chocolate with love in our modern day with the practice of giving chocolate on Valentine’s Day. The magic of chocolate was surprising to all.

Nobody would ever suspect a delicious treat to be full of antioxidants and other sorts of nutrition. Mark Stibich, an author from Longevity states, “A small bar of dark chocolate everyday can help your heart cardiovascular system to run well” (Stibich online). This is due to the help of it lowering blood pressure. Remarkably, dark chocolate can even lower cholesterol up to ten percent. Perhaps this heavenly treat should be frequently honored than rejected when it comes to healthy choices. The higher the percentage of cocoa, the greater the value of

nutrients and benefits the chocolate contains (Brin online). Also, the higher the content the richer and bitter the taste prevails. It may not be the same chocolate taste anticipated, but it is indubitably adaptable.

“You may forget that despite the myths, dark chocolate has scientifically proven to have health benefits” says Marlene Most, an associate professor of Louisiana State University. Due to a research study, not only does dark chocolate promote blood flow, cocoa has the ability to enhance brain function (Aaron and Bearden 142). Each study opens a new door when this delight is included. The study concluded that the increase of blood flow to certain areas of the brain could be a potential use of cocoa flavones to treat vascular impairment and stroke (142). Oddly, dark chocolate is almost like a cleanser to the blood stream. Before applying chocolate to a daily diet, all of the awareness must be detected.

Even though dark chocolate does provide plenty of benefits, its fats and oils can’t be neglected. Chocolate contains 1/3 of oleic acid, which is a healthy fat found in olive oil, 1/3 stearic acid, which is saturated fat but has a positive effect on the cholesterol, and 1/3 of palmitic acid, which is also saturated but the worst one (Stibich online). This means that 1/3 of fat in dark chocolate is unhealthy. Chocolate is still a high-calorie high-fat food. Most that eat chocolate for the health benefit eat no more than 100 grams a day (online). Like with all good eating habits, it’s all about portions. The reason dark chocolate is the healthy one out of white and milk chocolate is because it contains 65 percent of cocoa content.

Dark chocolate is the most flavorful in taste and benefits when it’s plain. It is the favored chocolate when it comes to cooking and baking. Like wine tasting, chocolate tasting is also something that can be greatly enjoyed; each bar containing over 300 different flavor compounds (Cope online). Chocolate is a versatile plant due to its texture, allowing it to be modified into endless different uses. Its magnificent taste is desirable to all.

The reason for the enjoyment of the indulgences of chocolate is due to the bounty of that feel-good feeling which provides a high. The chemical, THC, in marijuana that makes people high, binds to certain receptors in the brain. The anandamide in chocolate can bind to the same receptors, producing a “high” (Schmidt online). A 130 pound person would have to consume 25 pounds of chocolate all at once to get a marijuana-like effect (online). Perhaps this is the explanation to our “cravings” for this sugary drug. Another reason for the pleasurable feeling after eating chocolate is caused by a compound called phenyl ethyl amine (PEA) (Aaron and Bearden 144). PEA releases natural feel-good chemicals called endorphins into the brain. PEA is also the chemical released by the brain when people are falling in love. Dark chocolate really seems to be the answer for everything.

Ever since the historical records of medical remedies, present fats of chemical feel-good effects on the brain, and  the ability to cleanse the body, dark chocolate is a true health benefit. Throughout time, chocolate had made its way around the world. This delectable food has been viewed as a gift from the gods. Its rich taste and pleasure is as valuable as gold, a medical treatment for illness, and a treat to enjoy by all. For the healthy everyday diet, dark chocolate is chosen for its nutrition of high antioxidant power over blueberries and red wine (Aaron and Bearden 138). Perhaps this guilty pleasure doesn’t have to feel so guilty.