Benefits of Cold Showers

Ah, the cold shower benefit plan.  Adding this to your daily routine can add a tremendous amount of energy and mental sharpness that puts that cup of coffee to shame.

Sure, you might think this is an insane form of corporeal punishment to which no ordinary person would subject themselves.  Think back on the days where your hot water heater goes down, and you are forced to step into a freezing cold water stream.  How awful.

Well, in order to reap the benefits that I will describe here, you're going to have to toughen up and just do it.  Not one time, not three times, but for at least two weeks straight.  Let's talk about the top five reasons to take the cold shower challenge.

1. Improved circulation - Think about it.  When you injure your muscles, what is the best way to get blood flowing to that particular spot?  Applying ice, of course.  Well imagine shocking your entire body, inducing an increased surge of blood flow.  Over time, this encourages your body to circulate blood to vital organs quite effectively.

2. Weight loss - When your body temperature drops, more energy is needed to bring it back up to acceptable and healthy levels.  In doing so, you can burn extra fat just by standing in a cold stream of water for a short time.

3. Accepting and dealing with an uncomfortable situation - My personal favorite.  Start your day off with a will power check that just makes you tougher.  I guarantee you will hate it at first.  You will want to quit.  By the end of the first week, you will absolutely embrace it.  Life deals us many uncomfortable situations.  Train your mind to brush off the stress to keep chugging along. 

4. Healthier skin - Hot water can dry out your skin over time, especially if you like your showers piping hot.  By changing to a cold shower regiment, you can give your skin a break and leave it feeling smooth and free from the itchy effects of dryness.

5. Temperature regulation - By decreasing your core body temperature, your body can adjust and better regulate overall temperature.  This will help to limit heat loss in the long run.


cold shower benefits

My experiences with cold showers have been excellent.  Over time you know it's coming so your initial shock and discomfort begin to decrease, and you stare that shower head down like a Spartan warrior ready for battle. 

The first week is by far the biggest hurdle, especially if it happens to be winter (it's 20 degrees outside where I live).  During week two, it will become second nature and the desire to keep going for about thirty days straight will begin to emerge. 

Cold showers can also serve as a necessary pick me up when you are feeling depressed, distracted, or tempted by the urge to engage in a bad habit you are trying to kick.  Craving a cigarette? Shock your system.  Not motivated to go to the gym?  Siphon power from your daily will power check.

This one daily test can give you the slight edge you need to achieve your goals.  The cold shower benefit plan is my favorite new habit, and it can be yours as well.

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