It is not surprising to hear that hemp has a bad reputation.. This is because it is often confused with its cousin marijuana.. These comparisons are not fair as to get a marijuana type high out of smoking one would have to consume over twenty pure hemp cigarettes over a limited timeframe.. Anyone with half a brain would realise that this would cause a bout of violent vomiting not seen since the days of the black death... 

Now that we have got that out of the way, I want to explain why hemp is such a powerful health food. Entire communities during famine have survived on nothing but the consumption of this hidden health. This is because hemp has everything a body need to survive and can grow without any harmful insecticides or pesticides. 

Hemp contains the perfect balance of omega 3 and omega 6 essential fatty acids. In fact it contains more EFAs that any type of fish, this includes the en vogue health fishes of salmon and tuna. Essential fatty acids are crucial for brain health and hair health. These EFAs are so important because they can not be produced by the human body and have to be found through a food source..

The reason hemp is a popular food choice for both vegetarian and vegan athletes is that it is a source of complete protein and contains animo acids beneficial to a body engaged in athletic endeavours. Compared to soy as a protein source it wins hands down because it is more easily digested by the human body. This makes hemp distribute protein quicker to the muscles that need regrowth. 

Hemp is normally taken in two ways. Hemp oil is oil that is extracted from the plant, this can be taken like cod liver oil in tablet form or it can be added to food. A popular form of taking this oil is adding it to a fresh fruit smoothie. The second way hemp is taken is through the consumption of its seeds. These seed are easier to stomach than the pure  oil and can accompany a variety of foods. In china hemp seeds are toasted and consumed whole, while in western countries the seeds are added to dishes such as oatmeal and salads.

So what are you waiting for? Do yourself a favour and grab yourself some hemp today in oil or seed form. You can find hemp products online, in your local hemp store or in your nearest health food shop. Your body will thank you.