How about that -- excuses to imbibe! I'll be happy to provide a reasoning for you to get completely plastered at the next office Christmas party. Hey, you didn't like that job anyway.

1. A glass of red wine a day reduces the risk of heart attack. Red wine unclogs arteries and helps blood flow.

2. Beer helps you retain water. Believe it or not, a beer might be a good thing after a workout. It helps you retain the water you drink afterwards, which helps your muscles, including your heart, heal faster.

3. Moderate drinking improves sensitivity to insulin. You can reduce your risk of diabetes!

4. Moderate drinking reduces the possibility of a stroke. No one really knows why, but my theory is that it takes the pressure off of your frontal lobe. That's where most of your conscious thinking goes on, and it's the only part of the brain over which we have conscious stress control. Well, people live stressed out lives these days, which can overload the brain and cause a stroke. Alcohol helps take the edge off.

** Contrary to popular belief, responsible alcohol consumption does not kill brain cells!

Excessive drinking can reverse all these effects. Moderate drinking is 1-2 beers, or a glass of wine, or a shot of the hard stuff a day.