The pomegranate is one of the oldest fruit bearing shrubs in the world, yet many are starting to embrace the fact there are significant health benefits to pomegranates.

This super fruit had its beginnings to what is now modern day Iran. But today thanks to European settlers, this wonder fruit can be found all over the world from tropical Africa, the Mediterranean, southeast Asia and the US as well.

The pomegranate has even been mentioned in religious texts from the Qur'an to the Bible, so it's no wonder why people are fascinated and drawn to this fruit, even outside of its amazing health benefits. The growing popularity in the US and abroad, can even be attributed to the POM juice company's success and their ability to promote the product by focusing on seemingly unending health properties.

 The “Magic” of the Pomegranate

 When people ask what can pomegranates do for them in terms of health and vitality, the question may in fact be what can't the pomegranate seed and it's associated health juice do for the body. The list seems long. But the science appears to be solid. In fact, the pomegranate seed, which is edible has even been shown to have high fiber within it. Even within the seed, there are oils contained which have even been linked to anti-aging properties. It's important to note, though, that the health benefits to pomegranates don't just come in the consumption of the seed, there are so many more benefits to drinking pomegranate juice which is rich in vitamins including vitamin C, vitamin A and even folic acid.

It's true that pomegranates are even more powerful than red wine or green tea, when it comes to health benefits. In fact, studies have shown the pomegranate juice has nearly three times more antioxidants ounce over ounce than it's wine or tea counterpart.

 Pomegranate Health Juice Benefits to High Blood Pressure:

Some limited research studies have even suggested that patients who consumed pomegranate juice for at least two weeks had a reduction in their systolic blood pressure. Some studies also points to the overall reduction of heart disease risk factors including lowering cholesterol as well.

 This Super Fruit and Cancer:

Much scientific research is also pointing to wonders of pomegranate and cancer prevention. In fact, some studies have pointed to fascinating anti-cancer effects in the mammary organs of mice and humans. Dr. Mukktar with the University of Wisconsin even showed that applying pomegranate extract topically blocked skin tumors from forming in mice. One of the widely talked about cancer developments, even with the POM company, as they promote they write about their own pom juice health benefits is the ability of prostate cancer cells to go back to normal functioning. There are many pomegranate derived materials which include the powerful metabolites which have anti-tumor activity.

 It's not just cancer that pomegranates have been known to treat, prevent or help to cure. The NIH, National Institute of Health, has even found some correlation between pomegranate juice and the prevention of:

prostatic hyperplasia




common cold

oxidative stress

coronary artery disease

kidney disease

infant brain injury

How To Use Pomegranate Health Juice and Seeds for Their Maximum Benefit

Now that most people know that pomegranate health juice and their seeds are important in so many ways. Many don't know how to incorporate pomegranates into their lives.

 Its important to note that though many health studies suggest drinking a couple of glasses of pomegranate juice daily, many more doctors recommend also getting the proper amount of exercise and controlling one's diet.

 One of the best ways to get the daily recommended health benefits of pomegranates is to drink the delicious POM juice. And though it can be expensive, their website has a ton of pomegranate juice coupons to use.