Dried Hibiscus Flowers
Credit: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Driedhibiscus.jpg

Hibiscus is a wonderful plant with bright funnel-shaped flowers in a green canopy, it is very popular among gardeners because of a long and beautiful blooming period. The flowers can reach a diameter of 16 centimeters, and numerous golden stamens, fused into a tube and retractable away from the petals, all this give this plant a very exotic look. These flowers are a symbol of the island of Haiti and in India they are woven into bridal wreath, so it is very understandable that this beautiful plant is are called the flower of love.

But few know that it is an amazing and wonderful plant that also has several medicinal properties. The flowers of the Hibiscus plant can be a very valuable natural herb to have around for a variety of ailments. Many people are growing this plant without having any idea of how many different kinds of medicinal benefits they can get from the beautiful plant that they are growing on the windowsill.

Brewing some flowers of the hibiscus in hot water can get you a healing herbal tea that truly works wonders. The taste of this organic tea may be something that you have to get used to. However, the natural Hibiscus make better flavor teas then many other types of herbal teas. The leaves and stems can even be used for salads. If you fry some hibiscus seeds and throw them into the soup or coffee then you can reportedly enhance the potency of your masculine desire and increase the male sexuality. The petals of the plant can be used in making pickles, wine, puddings, and syrups. Calyx of the petals can be used to sherbet, jelly, ice cream, cakes and other deserts.

 The petals of the hibiscus are useful for the preparation of a very healthy herbal drink. This amazingly sour drink improves digestion, prevents constipation and problems of the gastrointestinal tract, and is and aid against a variety of inflammatory processes. This organic tea has a wonderful relaxing effect on the nervous system, providing a natural kind of psychological help.

The healthy tea is useful for the liver and pancreas and helps to remove toxins from the body. If you wake up with a hangover from drinking too much alcohol the night before, then the fresh cold herbal tea could help you get rehydrated, and the tasty tea can also help remove the poisonous alcohol toxins from your kidneys much faster than otherwise. This organic plant has established itself as an excellent diuretic, tonic and febrifuge. The usage of this organic tea is generally safe and even very healthy for people with kidney diseases; however, you should always consult your Doctor as each person can be different in their reactions to the any organic health tea.

In hot weather, use it as a great thirst quencher!

How to brew a hibiscus drink

If you prefer homemade, then ou can boil some fresh flowers for the best result. If you prefer to buy powdered tea, maybe in easy to use tea bags, then buy only quality products, or you will lose most, if not all, of the healthy benefits of this herb. Do not overcook when you prepare the healthy tea. If you over boil it the leaves then they will turn grayish in color, and the taste will not be near as good. But even worse, many of the healthy benefits from this natural herb will be boiled away.

To brew the beverage as well as tea, glasses of boiling water put a teaspoon of hibiscus leaves and leave it for 2-3 minutes. Pour the brewed hibiscus in a ceramic or glass dish and not a metal or aluminum dish. A correctly brewed beverage bright reddish-pink ​​color, although this can vary occasionally depending on the type of Hibiscus flower you use.

Hibiscus tea is better to drink with sugar. Dried hibiscus flowers are stored in tightly sealed jars, away from moisture and light.

Useful Tips

Did you know that not all flowers from the Hibiscus plant is useful and tasty? When choosing Hibiscus, then pay attention to the size of petals. Hibiscus, ground into powder, or sold in bags are not always useful. The useful and beneficial properties of this amazing plant are mainly stored in whole petals of the Hibiscus.

The Hibiscus is the National Flower of South Korea. The South Koreans have known for a very long time how many healthy benefits that can be had from the Hibiscus. In Tahiti it is common to see women wearing a single flower of the Hibiscus behind her ear. Traditionally this has meant that the woman was single and not married. However, in today’s Tahitian culture it is becoming more common for even married women to wear a flower from the Hibiscus behind her ear, especially when going to a public event. Tourists to Tahiti love to look at women wearing the flowers of the Hibiscus.

A study done by the USDA showed that drinking Hibiscus tea can in fact lower blood pressure. It is always nice to have a traditional herbal remedy that is also backed up the modern science.

The Hibiscus plant is often grown indoors when people live in cooler climates. The Hibiscus plant can easily be grown by seed. Many hibiscus varieties will produce a lot of seeds. You can roast these seeds and eat them or you can replant them and grow more Hibiscus plants.

The Hibiscus flower is a very well rounded herb. You may grow these flowers for their natural beauty or you may grow it specifically to get the medicinal benefits from drinking the fresh brewed Hibiscus flower tea. You can also use the these flower seeds and roast them up and add them to a variety of dishes. You can even put roasted Hibiscus flower seeds on your homemade pizza. Roasted Hibiscus flower seeds taste great with fresh tomatoes and feta cheese!

The long history of Hibiscus flowers is steeped in a deep tradition. With all of the advances in modern medicine many cultures still rely heavily on the natural healing properties of natural organic products. You too can take advantage of the flowers from the Hibiscus and all the magic benefits of it. This wonderful flower is not a replacement for your modern medication; however if you take it in combination with your Doctor prescribed medicine you may begin to see some amazing healthy improvements and you can attribute that directly to drinking the fresh brewed Hibiscus flower herbal tea. This tea is truly one of the greatest and healthiest drinks we can use.