When Blizzard Entertainment was late in the promised release of the new Wings of Liberty addition to the Starcraft 2 trilogy there was a suspicion that perhaps there was less to the game than originally anticipation. However, there have been ample places to find the Heart of the Swarm guide and many forums discussing the trilogy in the most complete detail possible. The trailers add a great feel for the potential for all three games in the series. Mesmerizing to say the least, the graphically enhanced version of the Starcraft 2 expansion trio is absolutely amazing.

The Wings of Liberty campaign is complimented by the second expansion, the Heart of the Swarm. There has been a lot of speculation regarding the trilogy and there is certainly a buzz online. Sarah Kerrigan was restored to humanity by the Terran. Yet the big question remains what happens to the story with the elimination of the Zerg Queen. Is it possible that the new story line will be wrapped around the return of the Lurkers? The obvious conclusion, based on the historic release of other games, is that there will absolutely be more units to attend to, which should be rather intriguing.

Since Blizzard Entertainment has always done a very nice job of making sure that the races have been well balanced in previous releases it makes sense to expect that the same type of balance will be held throughout this version. This means that the time and effort has been put into making sure that not only is there diversity but that there is also a sense of equality. To make one race weak is to discount it. To measure it up, unit for unit and attack for counter attack takes a lot of ingenuity.

The developers intentionally veered away from trying to put the entire expansion into just one version due to this balanced ideal. In order to have each individual campaign represented in its own right, there had to be three different expansions. This is the only way to achieve a truly unique plot or to maintain the high quality design that has gone into each story. Wings of Liberty is the first released and is designed as a Terran campaign. It was given such a high and even perfect rating by gamers for the combination of the cinematography, the well balanced forces at play, and the introduction of the new units.

Since there are 29 missions within the structure of the game it can be considered an epic undertaking for the designers. That means that each campaign can be played as a game before it is brought together as a whole. Some will play only one campaign at a time and consider it a completed game.

2012 marks the release date for campaign number two, the Heart of the Swarm. As the time gets closer to the launch, we should start to see an early influx of the Heart of the Swarm guide posts and publications.