Causes of Illness

Sometimes we will get sick no matter how hard we try to avoid it and live well, but what if you could slash the amount of illness or the risk of certain illnesses by 30, 50, or 80%? Does it make sense to give up on living well because there is a chance that they won’t end up well? You could by a new house and could get hit by lightning, mine did. It doesn’t mean I am going to live in a cave. So while there are fluke illnesses, there are genetic bases to some condition, and life keeps on happening, there is so much more that we can do to improve our wellness and capitalize on the knowledge and time that we do have.

Your body will tell you when something is wrong much of the time. If you have heartburn or aching joints you may have an inflammation problem, in addition to you PH being imbalanced. I think that some of important places to look in terms of our day to day health, as well as our long-term wellness is how our stomach feels, and how we feel in the morning. Both can be signals of dangerous body inflammation that can lead not only to premature aging and reduced feelings of wellness and wellbeing, but also significantly increase your risk of having preventable illnesses like GERD, heart disease, heart attacks, and certain forms of cancer.

Insulin and Inflammation

Inflammation from insulin spikes via white sugar the single most harmful element in our diet today.

Hormonal imbalance can trigger inflammation

  • Eat more cruciferous veggies to help maintain hormonal balance

Meal and Diet Tips:

  • Hemp hearts, hemp nuts, and hemp milk: Hemp foods are rich in a number of vitamins, minerals, and macronutrients that help reduce inflammation. In addition, if you will often find it helps reduce your heartburn symptoms and eliminate some acid reflux even though it is not by itself a cure. If you add it to your diet in the place of something such as milk and white flour then you are getting a double benefit. Here are some nutritional highlights of hemp:
    1. Gla: Gamma-linolenic acid is a hormone balancing fat
    2. Manganese for ligaments and joints
    3. Zinc for men’s prostate
      • Use coconut and avocado instead of dairy products in your cooking and baking
      • Try organic bison and grass fed animals instead of factory beef for more omega 3 fatty acid
      • Eat kale for the most dense nutrition available in a natural food ingredient

      There are a large number if common sense tips that will help reduce heartburn, aching joints, as well as overall inflammation such as getting enough sleep, drinking at least eight glasses of water per night, and looking for effective ways to manage your stress. Keep in mind that even if you ignore all of my advice and your chronic heartburn and acid reflux leads to a stomach or esophageal condition that requires surgery, inflammation will hurt you there, too. If you are going to have surgery remember that the healthier you are going in, the better you will heal. No matter how you break it down making common sense lifestyle and diet adjustments, as well as sometimes trying new things can really make a difference in making you feel better in improving your current and long-term wellness.