Our Heavenly Stroller

Why My Heavenly Stroller Is The BEST Compact Stroller On The Market!


The “Heavenly Stroller” was designed by DK Innovations Inc as their only product and has been taking the umbrella stroller market by force. Why? Because someone decided that it was ridiculous that the only compact strollers on the market were completely unusable by anyone over 5’6” tall because of the height of the handles. Using a typical umbrella stroller means stopoing over or pushing with your arms extended below your waist and can cause serious back issues.

Because of this, I dreaded using an umbrella stroller and was resolved to use my large stroller for everything for as long as possible. The last thing I wanted to do was to punish my 6’ husband by making him help with the baby when it caused him physical pain, but when I was gifted with the Heavenly Stroller at a baby shower I quickly changed my mind.

The Heavenly Stroller By DK Innovations INC Reformed My Views On Compact Strollers.

It wasn’t the cutest stroller, by any means, and was a touch bigger than the typical lightweight stroller, though it still weighed less than ten pounds, but I couldn’t help falling in love with its super durable design and adjustable handles. Yes, I did just say “adjustable handles.”  The handles on this compact stroller are placed on an up and down bar that allows you to adjust the height of the handle without changing the angle of the handles. It’s takes only a couple of seconds and makes a world of difference.

So, how much have I actually used my stroller? I can’t even begin to say. Once my little boy was old enough to sit upright without any head support it became my mainstay. I haven’t left the house without it in months. I’ve used it for shopping my favorite strip malls, we’ve taken it camping, I take it for walks to the park and use it at outdoor events. I even use it as a highchair when we visit friends who don’t own one, because my baby is so comfortable and happy in it that he claps and giggles when we pull it out of the car.

What Makes It Stand Alone:

A comprehensive list of pros and cons would probably help you if you’re considering buying one of DK Innovation’s Heavenly Strollers. I hardly have any cons, but I’ll list them,  just so you know everything you need to.


  • SUPER durable. Consumers everywhere rave about how this stroller holds up to any amount of use without the slightest complaint.
  • The mesh bag that hangs off of the back of the seat is extremely convenient and is big enough for a water bottle and sippee cup or bottle, as well as your walet and keys.
  • The up and down bars provide an excellent place for hanging purses or shopping bags.
  • The canvas material that the seat is made from washes very easily- I’ve cleaned skittles, cheese and jelly out of it with only a damp cloth.
  • The adjustable handle bars allow for any of my family members to push the stroller without discomfort.
  • The seat sits children’s bottoms low enough that they can’t worm out of the seatbelt and are very comfortable sleeping in this compact stroller.
  • The wide, double back wheels make it handle exceptionaly well.
  • The price for such an excellent quality stroller is VERY affordable.


  • DK Innovations only sells the Heavenly Stroller in one color combo- red and black.
  • The handlebars are less than appealing, visually.

I’ve found that it’s versatility is one thing that makes it my best friend. Last night was family reunion at my Mom’s house and all of my little boy’s cousins enjoyed taking turns being pushed around in it, it was used on the gravel road out front and also was a high chair for the cousin who wasn’t old enough to sit up in a traditional high chair yet. Everybody was so glad that it was there!

Places to use your compact stroller:

  • The mall.
  • Small boutiques and shops that do not have shopping carts.
  • Cafes that do not offer high chairs.
  • Nature walks that have narrow trails that are unfit for larger strollers.
  • Strip malls.
  • Picnics and festivals.
  • Theme parks and fairs.

The Dk Innovations Stroller is fun and easy for everyday use.

Additional Tip: While this stroller does not have a sunshade designed specifically for it, many people have found that they can very easily rig the Sunshine Kids Shade Maker DOES work, in spite of the manual saying that it will not work with the type of stroller that the Heavenly Stroller is.

The DK  Innovations Heavenly Stroller is My Favorite All-Around Stroller
Credit: Amazon.com