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The Help Ornaments

As of October 23, 2011, the movie The Help, earned an estimated gross box office of  more than $166 million domestically and $175 million world wide.[869]

With staying power at theaters week after week, the film drew crowds, often repeat viewers who had so much affection for this story and it’s characters, they needed to watch it again.  The audience for this Dreamwork’s dramedy about Southern white society and their black maids, supported this film through word of mouth. Of course, the fact that the novel written by Kathryn Stockett swept the best seller charts didn’t hurt.  Readers who loved the book rushed to theatres to see the movie and took friends with them.

Most popular films have their share of board games, action figures and more. Harry Potter fans can go online and find everything from phone cases to tee shirts to Gryffindor robes.  Go to your local Target Store and you’ll find Transformers 3 autobots.  Even Titanic has its share of related products.  But a story like The Help, although sprinkled with humor, has a serious issue at its core which may not translate to movie memorabilia.  What audiences took away from this film was an emotional experience.   

It seems only fitting that with such a huge following, some kind of tokens be available to remind The Help fans of their favorite summer movie. 

I sifted through the many uplifting and inspirational messages offered in The Help and chose words that had a powerful impact for nearly every viewer.  The maid Aibileen delivered those words to the little girl in her care.  Her positive message deserves to be repeated.   A great way to do that is to display them on Christmas ornaments.  Make them for a friend who loved the book or movie, or make them for your own tree.   Here’s what you’ll need and how to create them.

What You’ll Need

Beacon Fast Finish Decoupage

6 Glass tiles 1 3/8"

Freezer paper or wax paper

Laser printed squares (2 per message)

Elmers Glue

Krazy Glue

E-6000 Jewelry Glue

5 yards Ribbon ¼” wide maximum

Scotch tape

How To Create Them

1. Create each of the three messages in Photoshop or your favorite graphics program.  


Make six red 1 3/8” squares.  With white lettering, create two of each message, “you is kind”, “you is smart”, and “you is important”.    Apply drop shadows to the lettering.  Center the messages on the squares.  It’s a good idea to make duplicates of the six completed squares in case there’s a mistake in cutting later.

2. Print the page on card stock on a laser printer.  If you don’t have a laser printer, take the page to a Kinkos.  They can print it for you while you wait and it should only cost about a dollar.  This project will not turn out well with ink jet printers because the decoupage used to adhere the cardstock to the glass will cause the toner color to bleed.

3. Once you have your laser printed page, cut out the squares.


step 3(68161)

Be as accurate as possible because these squares will be placed back to back and need to match.  Don’t panic if you make a mistake anywhere in the creative process. The decoupage product and the card stock can be removed from the glass tiles by soaking them in soapy warm water if necessary.

4. Wash your glass tiles in warm soapy water and completely dry before beginning your project.  Hold them up to the light to be sure there are no finger prints or lint particles remaining.

5. Pour a generous puddle of the decoupage into the center of the square.

puddle of glue

Do not shake the Decoupage or use a sponge brush for application.  Both may cause bubbles in the finish.  Read the instructions on the Beacon container.  This water base product is effective and convenient to use because it dries fast and has no strong toxic odor.

6. Place the glass tile down onto the square.  Slide the glass around lightly to completely distribute the glue on the square.  Work quickly.  Hold in place with the all four edges aligned for about 30 seconds.  Glue will ooze out the sides. 

glue oozes out

Using a knife or blade, carefully lift under the corner edge of the image square to peel it away from the freezer paper.  Set it on a clean piece of freezer paper to dry.  Use a wet towel to wipe off decoupage from the sides or any that might have gotten on the face of the glass.

Create an identical square following the same steps.

7. Continue creating your six squares.  When they are dry, it’s time to pair them up.

8. Squeeze out a moderate amount of Elmer’s glue on the back side of one of two identical glass squares.

step 8(68165)


Join the glass squares by matching the paper sides together, one with glue, one without.  Check to be sure the message is facing the same direction on both squares.  Cover with a heavy object until dry.

9. Wrap ribbon around the joined glass squares. Using ¼” wide maximum width ribbon, cut a piece that is 17” long.  Tape the ribbon to the top right edge of the joined glass to hold it in place while you wrap the ribbon around to the other side of the square.  Place another piece of ribbon and tape on top left edge of the joined glass.

step 9(68168)

10.  Pull the ribbon snugly and tie a double knot.  Dot the knot with Krazy glue to keep it from coming undone.

step 10(68169)

11. Once the glue is dry, place a pen on the knot.  Bring the ribbon ends together across the pen and tie a double knot. 

step 11(68172)

12. Slip the pen out.  The loop you’ve created will be the place to connect a purchased or home made ornament hanger.

step 12(68171)

13. Tie a bow with the ribbon ends.  Again dot the bow with Krazy glue to prevent it from coming undone.


step 13(68170)

14. Trim the long ends of the ribbon to the size of the bow.

15. Place a dab of E-6000 jewelry glue between the ribbon and the top of the glass at the center of the square.  Let it dry overnight.  This will prevent a gap between the ribbon and glass.  When the glue is dry, remove the tape.

Other Ideas For Glass Tiles

• Turn a glass tile into a pendant by gluing on a bail using E-6000 jewelry glue.

• Display ornaments from light fixtures, jewelry trees, unique shelf hangers, or perch them on fireplace mantles. 

hanging ornament

• Make one-sided ornaments with a magnetic square on the backside.  Refrigerator magnets are easy to create with magnetic sheets that can be cut to the size you choose using household scissors.  You’ll find them available at craft and office supply stores.


I designed The Help ornaments for Christmas but don’t let that stop you from giving them for birthdays or any occasion.  The recipient will appreciate your creativity and a reminder of the movie they enjoyed.

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