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This last month has been a rush of trying to find a job, making ends meet, and questioning everything I believe in. Enter the following of friends and family who I am connected to via Facebook. I lamented my need to find a job by the end of this month, and immediately I was bombarded with well wishes and encouragement. I never knew how much people cared and how interested they were in how my life was turning out. When I announced that I was hired for a new job the congratulations blew up my feed. It reminded me that social networks serve a positive and useful purpose for which I’m very grateful.


I live in an amazing city with all kinds of activities happening at a moment’s notice. I heavily sunnyCredit: deposit photorely on following businesses, which have a history of setting up community events I can attend for a nominal fee or free of charge. When I don’t have to spend a lot on entertainment then I can cram more fun into my weekends and free time. The feature I really enjoy on Facebook is the events list where I can see what activities my friends are doing, so I can join in the fun too.

I’m a huge fan of local comedy, and I try to attend a show at least once a week. Luckily, for me most shows are free, so I can laugh without hurting my budget. I follow comedians on Facebook, and this gives me a heads up for most shows in the area.


I am a creative person, if I’m out of sorts, then crocheting a few stitches or writing a few lines for an article will soothe me. The wonderful thing about social media is getting to display what fox mittensCredit: SelfI create and to see what others create. My favorite social site to explore creativity is Pinterest. I enjoy the bright and vivid pictures along with the cheery blogs they usually accompany. It’s impossible to remember how many things I have created after being inspired by a Pinterest picture, but I’m very happy that people are willing to share their talents in an open forum.

Pinterest also has links to life hacks which are incredibly helpful. I am a hoarder of my time and little things like fast recipes or making my garbage a useful tool, I’m highly interested.

What am I writing?

I’m fairly active on Twitter because in addition to writing articles for Info Barrel, I write books. Sending out a tweet lets my fans know they have a new novella to sink their teeth into, and it gives me a chance to interact with other authors. I help my fellow authors by tweeting their brand new releases too, it’s a nice community of people helping people to succeed.

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Usually social media is bogged down with conflicting opinions or drama, which would be better left offline, but my encounters have been very successful and incredibly helpful. I’ve met amazing people who are talented and giving, and if it were not for social media, I would never have known them. Thank you social media for being a positive factor in my life.