A great and healthy alternative to burgers and sausages for your kids will be shish kebobs. Shish Kebobs are simple and healthy meals for those old and young as well.

Whether you're using metal skewers or wooden ones, kebobs could be eaten without using utensils. Metal skewers might be too hot to touch so if you've kids, you should pick the wooden ones. They're less costly and could be thrown away soon after using them.

Whenever you use wooden skewers, make sure you soak them into water for a minimum of half an hour before placing them on the grill. A skewer that is not soaked will burn up on the grill.

So let’s start the fun of preparing these tasty shish kebobs. You will find a large of number mixtures you could make using your preferred foods. Select your preferred ones from beef, lamb, poultry, shrimp, fish, and pork. Regarding your veggie choices, make sure you use vegetables that could endure the heat of the grill without getting soft. Examples of the popular choices include bell peppers, tomatoes, and onions.

Cut the vegetables and meat into 1 inch cubes. Round vegetables like tomatoes do not need to be cut into square shapes. Make sure that the size of the tomato is the same as the size of the other food. For example, it will not take a scallop or a shrimp long to be prepared on a hot grill, however a chicken or beef square may take more time. A square of zucchini may take more time to cook than a cherry tomato. The zucchini would also endure the heat better. If you like tomatoes on your skewer think of adding one to both ends after the kebob is prepared or simply a few moments before the meat is prepared.

To decrease cooking time for poultry, boil skinless boneless chicken breasts for about 20 minutes before cubing. By parboiling you will avoid cross transmission of contaminants. It is also a great idea to put only one type of meat on a skewer. When the time comes to serve your shish kebobs, you can serve them with a variety of complimentary veggies. When you use raw meat, prepare kebobs the night before and cool down them with or without spices. If you use spices, make sure to remove any excess sauce before grilling.

I really like shish kebobs. They could be used as appetizers or the primary meal over a bed of rice for children. No matter if used as snack or main attraction, they're tasty. By blending up the meats and vegetables you could enjoy skewers anytime without getting bored with the same foods.