how many calories in a margarita

If you have been trying to watch your weight, and the scale is not moving, then maybe you should be looking in that glass. Drinks other than water contain calories, and many times we just drink away and not think about them as adding to your weight.

Our brains find it difficult to relate to drinks as a cause of weight gain. But there are so many hidden calories in the drinks we choose that you can easily drink hundreds of calories in a day if you are not careful without feeling full.

Hidden calories in alcohol are a huge culprit. For example: Did you know that you could eat a McDonalds bacon cheeseburger for less calories (370 calories) than a eight ounce margarita!

Calories in A Margarita

How many calories in a margarita? - an eight ounce margarita contains 415 calories!

Have a couple of them at your next party and you will have packed away over 800 calories, just in drinks. That is even before you start eating! I am sure for the same calories or less you would feel like you actually ate something with the McDonald's burger, and yet you would probably avoid the burger because of the calories! It is hard to believe that a eight ounce drink could have more hidden calories than a burger.

Plus there is the added problem, that hidden calories in drinks don't fill you up. So, you have more of them, or then eat as well as them. It is going to take a lot of hours at the gym to burn these off.

So, if you are trying to watch your calories, don't just stop at the food calorie chart. Take a good look at the glass in your hand. Anything from soft drinks during the day, to the hidden calories alcohol contains in that cocktail you are having tonight.

If you drink soft drinks, beer, wine or cocktails regularly, you may actually be in a position to lose weight without trading off any food! In order to lose one pound per week, you need to reduce your daily calories by 500 calories. (One pound equals 3500 calories) So, if you have soft drinks during the day and a cocktail when you get home, you might actually lose a pound a week just by switching to either low calorie alcoholic drinks, or flavored water.

Add sparkling water or Club Soda

The calories in alcoholic drinks are killers! If you didn't mix the drink yourself, then you have no idea just how many calories you are drinking. But if you don't want to give up on cocktails, then switch them up a bit. Reduce the calories in alcoholic drinks by adding sparkling water or club soda to wine or coolers. This way you will get more volume but for less calories.

Sip Water Between Drinks

If you are at a party, then have water in between drinks. Watch out for mindless drinking, and go for a smaller glass. You don't need a fishbowl sized glass of wine.


Smaller Glasses

Many of the newer wine glasses are nice looking, but can pack a punch of wine calories, when it comes to filling it. Not only are you going to feel tipsy, but the hidden calories will be huge!

So when you say "all I had was one glass of wine" this could be one of those globes that could house a fish! You could really be having 2 or 3 typical glasses of wine.

So, next time you are at a summer barbeque, or out with friends for "drinks" try and train yourself to find out the calories of the drinks you are consuming. Food is not the only culprit in your quest to lose weight.