Telemarketing has received a bad rap for years but anyone that is in B2B sales knows the importance of obtaining telemarketing sales leads. Telemarketing brings in a continuous flow of leads for sales people. 

Obviously the best business sales leads would be those that you get from your satisfied customers. Referrals are the best kind of sales leads. They are also less costly to generate. 

Beyond that you can generate and develop a high volume of sales leads through telemarketing. A B2B lead is a business that expresses interest of some level in what you are selling. A successful business always has a collection of leads that their sales reps are working on. Telemarketing is a way to generate an ongoing stream of leads. Even though telemarketing may have a bad reputation, it still is a valuable way to generate leads.

If your company is considering obtaining telemarketing sales leads from a lead generation firm, the most important consideration of those telemarketing sales leads is the quality and also if they are exclusive or provided to other companies similar to yours.

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If your company does not want to pursue receiving telemarketing sales leads from a lead service, your company could hire a part or full time telemarketer. Telemarketing sales leads generation could be obtained by compiling a telemarketing list of targeted businesses and then develop them and follow up with a lead management program.

If you don’t want to pursue that route, you could make it mandatory for your sales reps to spend a few hours each week which will generate telemarketing sales leads. There are many businesses that do sell telemarketing lists which can include many options of useful marketing data that should improve the results and quality of those telemarketing sales leads generated. If you don’t want to spend money on telemarketing lists you could simply use an online telephone directory to generate telemarketing sales leads.

How Does A Company Use Telemarketing For Business?

Once you have your telemarketing list it is time to write a telemarketing script for generating telemarketing sales leads. It should be an introduction of your company and yourself and be brief. To generate sales leads I always preferred just an outline because you don’t want it to sound like you are reading a telemarketing script. If you qualify the targeted businesses and find out they would be a good prospect for your business, then even if you don’t get an appointment you have a good prospect for a future sale. In your contact software or whatever method you use, compile what useful marketing data that makes that contact a good business lead prospect. From there future calls could be made after developing those sales leads with first sending additional information about your company and its products or services.

Telemarketing sales leads will always be productive if you have good telemarketing lists, obtain useful marketing data and if an immediate lead was not obtained develop and follow up those telemarketing sales leads that are a good match for your products or service.

If you are looking to generate new leads for your business, try telemarketing campaigns several times a year or ongoing to jump start your sales productivity.