If you are a basketball athlete not too gifted with the ideal height in basketball, then you are like many others. Problem is you love basketball and would never imagine letting go of the sport either as a serious profession or hobby.

The good news is that many other players have found that what they lack in one department, they can make up in another. If you lack the height, then work on your speed, agility and explosiveness in vertical jumping. What you lack in loft, you can make up for in lift.

Training to increase jumping ability is possible if you know how to do it properly. It'd very easy to find a good jump higher training program these days as many jump trainers and coaches have come out of the woodwork and have started sharing what they know through the Internet by putting together programs that they can share to interested athletes.

What to look for in a vertical jump program?

If you are going the route of adopting an Internet-based training system, there are some important concepts that you need to know to help you determine if a certain system will give you a good chance of achieving your goals. Here are some tips for choosing the right program:

1. The jump higher drills must put emphasis on proper warm up stretching and core muscle strengthening. The former is quite important for flexibility which helps prevent any training-related injuries and the latter is for stability which facilitates stronger and more rapid movements in the arms and legs.

2. The regimen must include a plan for food intake and nutrition. This is an often overlooked aspect of sports training but is very important when it comes to workouts that involve very stressful exercises aimed at improving jump height such as plyometric workouts and drills.

3. Correct application of plyometric exercise methods must be pointed out. This is crucial because you do not want to waste your time doing high-impact exercise only to find out you are doing it wrong. The program must be able to teach the right way to do plyometrics. Jump higher training is definitely more than just your regular electric treadmill exercises and will involve stuff that will may need supervision.

4. It is a good program if it gives the importance of having the right mental attitude towards your athletic training. Patience and determination is the key to any training that is highly strenuous.

5. Can the author of the program be easily contacted in case you have any questions? If he provides contact details where you can contact him personally, the better off you will be because even one tiny nagging question left unanswered can cost you a lot of delay in your training. Time is gold so do not waste your time on any jump higher training system with an author that is not committed to your success.

The secret to jumping higher in basketball is out but you need to be careful that you do not just accept anything that comes your way. Take time to evaluate any training system that you come across because a little diligence can save you a lot of pain later on.