Career Opportunities

Introduction to Psychology

Psychology is considered among diverse subjects that offer number of career opportunities. There are certain areas of specialization in this field that allow candidates to make higher amount. Occupational surveys have proved that highest paying psychology careers may not include professionals providing treatments to individual clients. According to the Occupational Outlook Handbook, 2010-2011, professionals can make highest salaries on management and development positions where they apply psychology principles and help other professional executives to create policies for employees and manage all employees. Besides this fact, if you have completed higher level psychology degree you can make good earnings working in healthcare settings and private clinics as clinical psychologist.

Highest Paying Psychology Careers with Psychology Degree

Due to economic recession, competition to find secure job has increased dramatically. Due to this fact all students and professionals have to be very careful when deciding about their future occupation. If you are a high school student who is preparing himself to study this subject as a major subject on graduation level, then you may be interested to find out highest paying psychology careers with psychology degree. Following are few highest paying psychology careers with psychology degrees.

  • Clinical Psychologist
  • Psychology Teacher
  • Social Worker
  • Technical Consultant
  • Management Trainer/Policy Planner
  • Employment Counselors

Clinical Psychologist

Qualified professionals who are working with physicians in mental healthcare units are known as clinical psychologists. They are responsible to assess, diagnose and treat patients as well as they also guide people to prevent themselves from mental disorders. These professionals may have their private offices. Minimum Masters level psychology degree is required to become clinical psychologist but if you want to practice as an independent professional you must pursue doctoral degree. Licensure is also required to work as an authorized professional. Professionals have to obtain certification offered by American Board of Professional Psychology. According to Bureau of Labor Statistics this field will provide better job growth options in U.S for next 10 years but competition to get suitable job will exist between qualified candidates.  Well trained professionals can make median hourly income around $31.75, or $66,040 per year. Individuals working in mental health care facilities can earn average annual salary of $109,550 or on hourly basis average income $52.67. Professionals who are working in general/surgical hospitals can make around $89,450 per year. State of New Jersey offers highest salary to clinical psychologists as compared to other state in USA. Average yearly salary of these professionals is around $92,380.

Psychology teacher

Teaching Psychology subject from high school to college and university level also pay handsome salaries. Depending on personal preferences, few candidates only prefer teaching while others may also practice privately or busy in research projects on part time basis. Educators and teachers of this subject are capable to teach specific psychology subjects according to their expertise like child, developmental, clinical and counseling psychology. Usually candidates possess Masters Degree in psychology but many of them upgrade their degree to doctorate level to enhance their capabilities. Professionals who are going to teach on high school level also need a teaching certificate to become legitimate teacher. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics the annual average salary of teachers is around $65,760. If we specifically consider salaries for post secondary teachers it was around $73,810 in May 2009. Professors who teach this subject to junior college students can make average yearly income of $67,790. Whereas professors employed in technical schools earn slightly lower average salaries as compared to others. Their salary is around $55,860 per year. Delaware is found to offer highest salaries to teaching professionals in this field and pays around $87,660.

Social Worker

Social work itself is an occupation. But it can also grouped under occupations like psychology and human services. These professionals are capable to deal with people of all ages. They tackle problems of students, professionals, individuals, families and communities. Usually they work in private office setups where anyone can visit to get solution of their problems. But they also travel to client’s home to provide social work services. Minimum Bachelors degree in psychology is required to become professional in this field. Candidates who are willing to upgrade their careers can pursue higher level degrees in Psychology. All social workers are required to possess state license to work as an authorized professional. Over all job growth rate is faster as compared to other occupations in next 10 years. But according to an occupational survey report of BLS job opportunities are good specifically for those who specialize to work with old age people. Well qualified professionals of this field can make around $40,000 to $45,000 every year. Whereas US states paying highest salaries are New Jersey, Connecticut and District of Columbia that offer annual salaries greater than $60,000.

Technical Consultant

Psychology degree holders can also work as Technical consultant in different organization where they utilize their knowledge to design marketing schemes, employee screening procedures and troubleshooting of personnel problems of employer and employees. Major industries where they can find working opportunities are scientific companies, technology sector and management consulting firms. According to the survey report of BLS for the year May 2009 the annual mean wage is around $121,010 and average hourly income is around $58.18.

Management Trainer/Policy Planner

Candidates possessing Psychology degree may also work as employment training manager or executive. They can efficiently communicate with employees and assign them responsibilities. These trainers can also work with managers and executives to design policies and working rules and regulations of organization. Bureau of Labor estimated that professional psychologists working in this field can make a mean annual wage of $124,220 or mean hourly income around of $59.72 in May 2009.

Employment Counselors

Companies providing employment services to clients also need psychologists to understand their clients well. Professional psychologists study and analyze individual clients to design psychological profiles and help them to identify which occupation will be suitable for them to work. They also work as staff counselors. They understand emotional needs of workforce under stress conditions. According to BLS, professionals employed in this category can expect to make around mean annual income of $94,290 and an hourly income of $45.33 in May 2009.


These are some famous highest paying psychology careers with psychology degree. You can consider any one of them if you find it suitable for you. Although, these psychology careers pay well to qualified professionals but the key to get success is to obtain relevant education and training to gain essential skills and expertise to grow as a competent professional.