The hip hop culture in today's society

Hip hop in contemporary times

With the advent of the hip hop culture, the face of the music industry has changed; yet, together with its entry into the music scene, it offered itself as a new medium of protest against racial injustices, police brutality and violations of civil rights.

Abraham Lincoln once said that any people, anywhere, being inclined and having the power have the right to rise up and shake off the existing government, and force a new one that suits them better. This statement embodies what hip hop advocates are doing now. They use their rap songs as a medium to air their grievances and protest over society's tolerance to injustice and prejudice experienced by the oppressed.

Rap songs are often full of lyrics which describe the contemporary issues and give a clear picture of what is happening around. They are a sort of negative commentaries given to let the people realize that the real world is living in hatred and anarchy. WHip Hop Culture And Clothinghere is the love? One lyric of a rap song queries; love for fellow man is no longer existent in the society. Hip hop music tends to open up a consciousness or awareness of our present circumstances. Some of the lifestyles of rappers are not in conformity with societal norms; thus, these could be taken as a protest against a society's standards. Their publications are used as implements of peace also.

Without opening our minds to what hip hop culture is all about, all that we can attribute to this culture are gang wars, drug addiction, cursing and extravagant living. Yet, by scrutinizing carefully their music, we can discern that behind every lyric enunciates lines of protest against injustices, racial prejudices, and elements which make living in the world insane.