The History of H.I. Hummel Figurine's

In Bavaria, Germany there was a girl named Berta Hummel who had artistic talent. Her father enrolled her in art school at the Academy of Applied arts in Munich when she was 18 years old. Bertha made friends with some nuns and joined the convent of Siesson on her graduation in 1931. She wa known as Sister Maria Innocentia. At the convent she continued her artistic work. She made drawings inspired by the children she taught there. Her artwork was printed by a small p ublishing company.

Franz Gobel discovered Sister Hummel when looking for new talent at a religious art shop in Munich. Gobel got her to agree to let him make her drawings into figurines. They were a huge sucess at the Leipzig fair. The beloved figurines became known as M.I. Hummel. On each figurine the M.I Hummel and the Gobel trademark was put on the bottom with permission from Sister Hummel and the convent..

Hummel Trademark

Sister Hummel sadly died from tuberculois at the young age of 37 .

The Gobel company is located in Rondental,Germany.When buying any M.I. Hummel figurine look for the two trademarks the M.I. Hummel signature or the Golbel or Manufaktur Rodental trademark.

The figurine's are created and painted with great care. Only the finest of craftsmen work on them. They take around 3 months or more depending on the size to produce.

These figurines ar now collected all over the world. There is even a club for people who collect to join. The club offers free exclusive for members only gifts. There are tours and meetings that can be attended. Information on tours and meetings can be found at the M.I. Humel club website. A tour of the Manufaktur will be held August 18-25 ,2010. Workshops will be held. There is a visit to the convent where Sister Hummel lived. For more information visit the website for the club at

This figurine picture shown is called"Honey Lover"for members only celebrating the 15th anniversary of the club.

Exclusive Club Member Figurine