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Hans Wilsdorf founded "Wilsdorf and Davis" in London with his brother in law Alfred Davis in the year 1905. At that time, they made their business mostly by importing movements, or the mechanical guts of watches, from Switzerland to England. The majority of these movements were produced by Hermann Aegler, and Wilsdorf and Davis placed these movements into quality watch cases to complete their fine jewelry. Once done, the two men sold the completed watches to jewelers who inscribed their own names on the faces. Likewise, Wilsdorf and Davis inscribed W&D in the casebacks of their products to mark their watch brand. These were the early ancestors of rolex watches for sale in 1905!

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Registering the Rolex Watch Company and Intimations of Greatness

In 1908, Wilsdorf registered "Rolex" as his trademark. Next, he opened a new office in Switzerland, in a town named La Chaux-de-Fonds. Shortly after, a Rolex watch was awarded a Class A precision certificate by the Kew Observatory in the year 1914, a distinction usually reserved for the vastly superior marine chronometers used in military and industrial operations. This significantly boosted the value and prestige of Rolex watches for sale at the time. The Kew observatory was responsible for monitoring and certifying the varying stratifications of accuracy and durability of various timepieces, especially those critical to the safe operation of ships. Shortly after being awarded this rare distinction, Hans Wilsdorf registered the company name "Rolex" in the year 1915. Though today we know the name was made up, the way in which Wilsdorf settled on it is still disputed. It has been related that Wilsdorf wanted his watches' name to be easily pronounced regardless of the language spoken by his future customers. It has also been noted that Hans considered the sound made by a watch being wound to be similar to the sound made by saying "Rolex".

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The Rolex Watch Company was officially established in 1919 once Wilsdorf moved the company to Geneva, Switzerland. Next, it was known as Montres Rolex, SA ultimately becoming Rolex, SA. The company left England entirely, after facing extensive difficulties there. The taxes and export duties imposed by the U.K. on silver and gold, indispensible to the process of manufacturing the signature watch cases, were elevating production costs beyond sustainability. Rolex watches for sale now had to be ordered via correspondance to Switzerland.

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Securing the Fashion Timepiece Maker's Place in the Future

In 1944, Mr. Wilsdorf's wife died. Mr Wilsdorf therefore created the Hans Wilsdorf Foundation. Herein he entrusted all his shares of the Rolex company. He also established provisions to ensure that part of the Rolex company's revenue would always be channeled to charity. To this day, the company's shares are owned by a private trust. Not being public, the shares are not traded on any stock exchange.

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Rolex Today: Alive and Worldwide

At present, the Rolex company continues to produce timepieces of world class quality and elegance. These watches have been rated as number 71 on BusinessWeek Magazine's 2007 list of the 100 most valuable global brands. Rolex timepieces are considered peerless status symbols and achievements of crafting mastery. Rolex is made up of around 2,800 employees and generates a yearly revenue of 3 billion U.S. dollars.

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If you are interested in buying a Rolex watch, you must first know whether or not you are settled on the genuine article, or if you can settle for a replica. Rolex replicas for sale are widely available on the internet (with some websites directly specializing in them) as well as in flea markets the world over. While genuine Rolex watches are certainly superior both in the quality of their materials and their craftsmanship techniques, they can easily cost several thousand dollars each.

Rolex replicas offer a slightly more affordable, albeit risky option. While not many people can spot the difference between a genuine watch and a fancy replica, there is no quality guarantee on their parts or labor, nor is there any guarantee as to their longevity. All the same, Rolex replica watches for sale are still a viable option for someone who wants high fashion jewelry without dropping thousands of dollars.