The hobbyzone champ rtf airplane is a fine aircraft . It is a great way to learn how to fly  radio control models.


This model includes:

Wingspan 20 inches

- Fuselage     14 inches

- Batteries

- 2.4GHz transmitter

- 3.7volt 150mah Li-Po battery and DC charger

- Aircraft assembled and flight ready

 See picture below


41upavo8gGLCredit: HobbyzoneCredit: Hobbyzone

Is this Aircraft Safe For Beginners to Fly

The champ is safe for beginners to fly. It can be flown at small parks or large flying fields. It's perfect for new pilots, who have little or no flight experience. The instruction manual should be read and followed carefully before flying any airplane. 

 This is the type of model you should begin your flight career with because its not too expensive. You will crash it a few times while flying. 

 Also this model is lots of fun to experiment with as you gain experience. It offers plenty of excitement.


 Are there better aircraft available? - Sure there are, but the hobbyzone champ offers you great value for your money.  Other models will be a bit more costly.  If you decide this is not fun, then move on to another possible hobby. 

When is it safe to fly? - While the wind is calm, you should attempt a flight. If there are large numbers of people at the park, do not try a flight, because you could accidently hit someone.

If it is overcast outdoors? - Do not fly  because you could lose your plane. It is much better to fly on a sunny day.    

Do not fly if you see lightning or hear thunder. - You could get struck by lightning, do not take such a chance, wait for another day.  It is very dangerous to be operating  an rc transmitter when lightning is flashing in the sky.

The whole idea with this approach, is to see if you have the patience to learn and develop new skills. Flying rc aircraft requires developing hand to eye coordination, it takes some time to develop those particular skills.

As you develop such skills, you will advance to flying larger balsa wood gas aircraft. Many new pilots buy expensive wood planes and crash, then later quit the hobby.  Do not be one of them.    

 Be Safe and Have a Great Time!    

Advantages and Disadvantages


- Ready to fly

- Easy to fly

- Inexpensive

- Durable


- Does not fly well in windy conditions

- Does not have ailerons

- Need recharging after 10 minutes



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