UFC gloves
Credit: http://www.fightinginsider.com/2010/12/18/last-minute-mma-christmas-gift-ideas/

Holiday Gift Guide for the MMA Fan

It’s no secret that mixed martial arts, otherwise deemed MMA has grown exponentially over the course of the past few years and has certainly shown very little signs of slowing down if any. It has rightfully been called, “the fastest growing sport” in the world, where the landscape of combats sports has been altered for both the new and older generations of fight fans. With the success of the UFC bringing MMA into mainstream culture, it’s a no brainer that there will be a plethora of fights fans wishing for fight related parcels under the tree this holiday season. Let’s explore a few of the gifts that may satisfy that MMA wish list:

#1 - Fight Clothing/Training Attire

The most obvious choice for the average MMA fan this holiday season is any article of clothing associated with their favourite fighters. Items like T-Shirts, Fight Shorts, Training Attire, etc. would most definitely be welcome this holiday season. Notable companies that sponsor a variety of fighters include Affliction, Silverstar, Xtreme Couture, Mark Ecko, etc. These companies carry an array of fighter T-Shirts, shorts and even casual attire such as jeans and thermals. MMA superstar and UFC welterweight champion George St.Pierre has sporting company Under Armour as one of his major sponsors. One may want to consider picking up the dri-fit body fitted training attire for those that enjoy exercise or train some form of MMA.

#2 - Tickets

This one could certainly be difficult as tickets can be hard to get a hold of. If you’re lucky enough to have access to MMA tickets, one may want to consider picking up some tickets to see the fights live. There really isn’t anything like watching a live UFC event for those who have yet to attend one. Prices do vary depending on the fight venue and who’s fighting on the card, but if you’re privileged to get an opportunity at tickets, it’s definitely worth considering and will put an everlasting smile on that special persons face.

#3 - Training Gear

Training gear is a gift to consider for those who enjoy training in the different forms of MMA. As MMA is built on a variety of fight disciplines including Muay Thai, Jiu Jitsu, Karate, Judo, Boxing and Wrestling it leaves a wide array of options available. Prices for these vary substantially so one should be aware of that depending on their budget this holiday season. A few items to note include boxing gloves, hand wraps, Gi’s (for Jiu Jitsu), heavy bags, etc.

#4 - Fight DVD’s

A collection of DVD’s featuring some of the greatest MMA fights could be the perfect present this holiday season. The UFC has a large library of DVD’s available that date back to the very first UFC ever aired on pay per view. Other fight DVD’s available include Pride, Strikeforce, Sengoku, K-1 kickboxing, etc. These are typically great presents with a relatively low-cost associated with them.

#5 – MMA Videogames

For the fans that are gamers, there are a few MMA games out there that could be just the answer this holiday season. The popular UFC Undisputed series has two games already out and a third on the horizon. EA sports also have an MMA game available, featuring a large roster of today’s MMA superstars. Another great gift idea for the MMA fan who’s also a game at heart.

Whatever your budget is this holiday season, just keep in mind that with the overwhelming popularity of MMA, it’s easy to find something for that MMA fan this holiday season.