These are jewish people being contained in a concentration camp.

World War Two was a terrible time in history. This global military conflict began in 1939 and ended around 1945. It involved most of the nations around the world as well. It killed the most people and cost the most money than any other war ever fought in the world. 70 nations took part in this immense conflict, and fighting took place on 3 continents and on high seas. These continents were Africa, Asia and of course, Europe.

When one says World War II, a man called Hitler usually comes to mind. Adolf Hitler was an Austrian born man who worked with the Germans. He helped to create the Nazi party. Basically, World War II was brought upon itself, from the actions that took place in World War I, and the actions of Hitler. Hitler had wanted a pure German race, and the Jews were a strong religion at the time. In his eyes, they were getting in the way of his vision, you know, a pure German race. Therefore, his operation against the Jews took full force in the end of 1934. The Nazi Germans would go around and find whatever Jews they could find. The people, who were able, fled from Germany. Others were put into concentration camps.

Between the year of 1933 and 1945, the Nazi Germans had established more than 20,000 concentration camps, which were made to imprison the Jews. Inside the camp, forced-labor was brought upon the Jews. How were they even placed in these camps? Well, it became a law that if you were a Jew, you had to have a star. People with the stars had limits. They couldn’t sit on a certain bench, they couldn’t go to a certain restaurant, and they were completely segregated. Anyways, the Germans would pick these people up and take them to concentration camps where they were forced to do these terrible things!

In the concentration camps, there were tons of Jews. There were also guards to make sure that none of them were trying to escape. The Jews were given a uniform to wear. It was almost always a pair of stripped pajamas, with a cap. They would stay in these camps, doing work and staying bored. Eventually, the guards would shove a bunch of people into a room and tell them that they’re just taking a shower. Completely wrong!!

The Nazis had created these gas chambers, which were rooms that would release poisonous gas, killing the people inside it. Gas showers killed these innocent Jews. The dead bodies were disposed in the back. Up to 6,000 Jews were killed each day from these gas chambers.

Although about 11 million people died, there were many survivors, some of which who are still alive today! Approximately 350,000 people survived from the concentration camps.

To find out more about World War Two, rent the movie and book, The Boy in the Stripped Pajamas. It is based during this time period and is about a young innocent boy named Bruno. He is 8 year old and his father is a commander of one of the military camps. Bruno somehow befriends a Jewish boy at this camp and has to receive same consequences. This is an amazing book and a good movie. I highly recommend reading it. Another book that I highly recommend is the Diary of Anne Frank. You have probably heard of it. It is a true story, well, diary about a young Jewish girl named Anne, who is hiding with her family and another, from the Nazis.  This thrilling book is a must read if you want to learn more about the Holocaust. Also, if you are in the D.C area, try going to the holocaust museum. The admission is either free, or inexpensive. There, you will experience what it was like for the Jews. You will see what they wore, where they slept. It is quite sad but real.