If you have been at least slightly connected to the net you probably have heard of the homeless man with the "golden voice"or "radio voice". A video was recently uploaded to YouTube on January 3, 2011 and in just two days this video has logged more than 4 million views and the man featured in the video is a simple homeless man who went to school for radio and got lost along the way.

Now at 53 and two days after showcasing his radio voice to the world through the lens of a passing motorist who saw him on the side of the road this gifted homeless man with a perfect radio voice is an instant celebrity.

Homeless Guy Radio Voice - Ted WilliamsIf you haven't yet seen the video it is here on YouTube and in the two days since the video went online the golden voiced homeless guy has been cleaned up with a haircut and more professional clothes, has been interviewed on TV, has gotten himself a cell phone to field all the media inquiries, scheduled a trip to see his elderly grandmother in New York, and has even landed a job with the Cleveland Cavaliers due to his popularity, his talents, and his lovable demeanor.

A recent interview Ted Williams, the radio voiced homeless guy as he's known as, just aired on the CBS Early show and can be seen online shows him emotional and thankful for his experience. The hosts equate his overnight success to that of a lottery winner and many commentors on the video note the significance of second chances and how they can be so meaningful to so many people.

What is amazing is Ted's description of what he wants out of life and where he hopes his voice will take him. He says he wants to have a home or apartment so that he has a place to cook food and he wants to be a respectable member of society who has a job pays his taxes like everyone else.

These are the simplest forms of needs - shelter, food, and a purpose in life - they are something we all should respect and strive for.

The Cleveland Cavs really stepped up and went out on a limb especially after such a short period of time. This Homeless guy with a radio voice like none other will soon be known as the former homeless guy with a golden voice as fans of Cleveland basketball get to know him more over the following years to come.