Holiday luminaries are an enchanting and mesmerizing decoration. Whether they are made from paper lanterns or blocks of ice, they add a whimsical flavor to any holiday setting. The most magical of all luminaries is crafted from ice. When lining a walkway, these little sculptures are simply stunning and so classy. The best part about them is that they are so easy to make, anybody can do it!

The only items required are two different sized containers; one to fit into the other with plenty of space, and a weighted object. If you want to add embelishments, that can be done very easily! There are many items you can add to your luminary to decorate for the occasion.

To begin you will fill your largest container about a quarter of the way full and freeze it. Once that is done, you will set your smaller container inside of that and place your weighted object into it. It's easy to use rocks, marbles, or dried beans. Now, fill the large container with water making sure that your weighted inner container is sitting down and not floating. Be careful not to get any water into your small container as this is what is creating the shape of your luminary; this is where your candle will go. Put this outside to freeze or into your freezer.

Once your luminary is completely frozen, remove your weight and put some hot water into the small container until it loosens enough to remove it. Then, flip your large container upside down and flush warm water over the container until you can remove it from the luminary. Sometimes it helps to wiggle it or rotate it, you don't want to use too hot of water or you may crack the ice.

You now have a gorgeous luminary to set outside on your porch as a beautiful decoration! If you want to line your walk way or your patio you will want to have multiple containers to get the job done faster. You are sure to stun your guests with these beautifully lit luminaries.

If you wanted to add embelishments to the luminaries, you would add them to the water either during the first step (if you want your items to be in the middle layer of the luminary) or during the second step (if you want them to be around the top layer of the luminary). Either way, you will probably want to choose items that float or else they will sink to the bottom and probably won't be seen if you will be setting these out in the snow. Some examples for Christmas would be to add pine needles, cranberries, orange slices or peels, or crushed candy canes.

These luminaries will really get noticed no matter where you are, they really are amazing. Another nice gesture would be to make one to take for the hostess of a holiday party you are attending or to leave some on some church stairs before a Christmas service. These are a beautiful, thoughtful, and original way to spread holiday cheer and brighten someones day!