Honda Civic - The best car to come out of Japan

The Japanese are known for making and exporting some great cars. Let’s think about it for a second, how many iconic and cult cars can you think of that were made in the Land of the Rising Sun? Without too much thought I bet the ones you are thinking of include cars like the Mazada RX-7, the Toyota Celica GT4, the Nissan Skyline, the Toyota MR2 turbo, the Mitsubishi Evolution, the Subaru Imprezza and the Mitsubishi GTO to name but a few. All of these cars are awesome machines in their own right, however they could never be considered as the best Japanese car of all time.

The car that gets the best Japanese car of all time has to be the Honda Civic. That’s right, you heard me correctly the Honda Civic gets the accolade of being the best Japanese car of all time. “the Honda Civic hasn’t got a turbo”, “the Honda Civic doesn’t look sleek and stylish”, “the Honda Civic doesn’t go faster than 150mph” I hear you cry, but all these things don’t matter.

There are many reasons the Honda Civic is the best Japanese car of all time, so before you totally disagree with me, take a look at these reasons and then see if your opinion has changed.

The range of Honda Civics is vast and there are many different models available. It doesn’t matter whether you are a new driver looking for a first car, a mother that needs a car for the school run and the weekly grocery shop, a boy racer looking for a hot hatch back or an older person who simply needs a car to remain mobile. Whatever you circumstances there is a model of Honda Civic that will be perfect for you.

The Honda Civic has been around for thirty years and is one of the longest production cars of all time. The Honda Civic has stood the test of time, which is a true testament of just how good this car is. Car manufacturers are very quick to pull the plug on models that are not good sellers, and since Honda have yet to pull the plug on the Civic it just goes to show Honda’s thoughts on the Civic. In fact, the new generation Civic has been released in some countries and is due to be released in other countries in the very near future.

The Honda Civic is well known for being safe, reliable, and well made. If your Honda Civic breaks down and requires parts or spares there are several retailers that will have the parts you need in stock for immediate delivery. There is no waiting around for parts to be produced and shipped over
as is the case with many specialist parts, which means you can get your Civic repaired and back on the road quickly. Since Honda Civic parts are in plentiful supply they are reasonably priced, unlike the cost of parts for other cars. In addition to this there are loads of pattern parts and spares available, making the cost of spares even less.

The Honda Civic is cheap to run, economical and gives good mpg. Many people think the small Smart car gives good mpg, and to a certain extent this is true. However, what would you think if I said there are a couple of Honda Civics that give better mpg than the Smart car? That’s right, a normal sized car that is more economical than the Smart car. The fuel economy of the Honda Civic depends on the model of Civic and the way you drive it, so don’t expect a Honda Civic Type R driven hard and fast to give better mpg than a Smart car.

The Honda Civic is a car you can modify cheaply and easily. If you are in to the car modifying scene the Honda Civic is the car to get. There are loads of different accessories such as body kits, side skirts, lighting kits, stereo equipment, rims, bonnets and spoilers to name but a few of the hundreds of accessories available to buy.

Overall the Honda Civic is a great car. It is the perfect size, cheap to buy, cheap to run and generally cheap to keep on the road. There are many reasons to buy a Honda Civic, so the question of “what are you waiting for?” has to be asked.  Now then, maybe the claim that the Honda Civic is the best Japanese car of all time isn’t so farfetched after all.