A hoodie (or hoody) is a sweater with a hood and front A man wearing a hoodie(81835)Credit: freedigitalphotos.netpocket  similar to a kangaroo’s pouch. The hood may have drawstrings to make it fit better. Also, the hoodie can have a zipper in front similar to a jacket. It comes in different colors and sizes and it can be worn by men and women, young and old alike.

So why wear hoodies?


It is a comfortable piece of clothing great for all seasons. It is the most comfortable way to be keep warm without too much bulk in the spring and autumn. It can also become another layer of clothing in the winter, and of course you can wear a hoodie over your swimsuit on a summer night at the beach.

Another thing is that hoodies are convenient to wear. They can be worn over a shirt or worn like a shirt. They go well with shorts and jeans, and also great with leggings and skirts. The hoodie is also great for whatever fun-filled activities you might have in mind. It is perfect for a lazy day at home or a casual night out with friends. The best hoodies are commonly part of a sporty outfit  - you can wear it over a tank top paired with either shorts, yoga pants or jogging pants, and it makes you ready for your yoga session, gym workout or just a run around the neighborhood .

A man wearing a hoodieCredit: freedigitalphotos.net

What inspired the hoodie and how did it become popular?


Hoodies may have originated from medieval cowls which were worn by monks. The cowl is a long tunic with wide sleeves and a hood. But the part in which the hoodie is worn over clothes could be an inspiration from hooded cloaks, still of the medieval era, which are worn over indoor clothing when one is going outside during the winter.

In the 1930s the hoodie, or the hooded sweatshirt as it was known then, made its debut. It became the clothing of choice of laborers who have to battle the cold during the winter months in New York. It became even more popular in the 1970s with the advent of hip hop culture, which was further boosted by designer campaigns of high fashion houses in the same decade. Its appearance in the Rocky films cemented its status as a truly American piece of clothing. The term 'hoodie' became popular in the 1990s, and two decades later everyone owns a hooded sweatshirt which they call a hoodie.

Hoodies controversial?

Wearing hoodies not only gives the wearer a sense of comfort but it also gives the wearer a sense of anonymity and an air of mystery especially if the hood conceals a good portion of the face. The controversy starts here because people with dangerous intentions sometimes wear hoodies to conceal their identity when they go about their business. Add to the fact that elements of rebellious youth culture, be it punk, skater, hip hop or metal, often embrace the hoodie as the outfit of choice, notoriously linking it to gangs or unseemly behavior . Thus, the negative impression by the general public on hoodie wearers is sometimes hard to avoid.


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For some countries, it goes beyond a mere negative impression. In fact in the UK, Australia and New Zealand, establishments enforce rules that prohibit the wearing of hoodies in order to minimize the occurrence of armed robbery. Non-compliance of the rule can sometimes lead to a complaint for trespassing.

So, are hoodies a good choice for my wardrobe?

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Definitely. Hoodies are one of the best way to express yourself. They are a great way proudly wear school colors. These are also an avenue for creativity by having customizable or personalized hoodies. Have you heard of 'hoodies with headphones', or mp3 hoodies? This high tech hoodie has built-in earplugs to which you can attach your favorite music player. All these and more of the best hoodies are available online.

poodle wearing the hoodie(82048)Credit: http://www.freepik.comAlso, grownups do not have the monopoly over hoodies, babies have been known to sport hoodies. And most surprisingly, your beloved pooch can also have a hoodie to go with his booties.

So, despite its negative connotation in some countries, hoodies should still be a part of your wardrobe, whether adult, child or 4-legged creature. After, all it is the wearer who makes the clothes, not the clothes who make the wearer.