For those of you that do not know, this is a spectactular production that is shown in Macau. I had the pleasure of seeing this production earlier this month and I had a fabulous time! Here in this article I will give you my review of the show and explain why most people that see the show absolutely love it!

 We got to Macau from Hong Kong. We took a turbo jet from the pier on Hong Kong Island and the trip took about 1 hour to get to Macau. The trip over there was very smooth, the water was not choppy at all. And because we went on a Monday just after lunchtime, there were not too many people on the turbo jet.  The production is only shown on Saturday, Sunday, Monday Thursday and Friday at the City of Dreams. And there are two sessions on those days. Our session would start at 5pm. There is also an 8pm session.

 After arriving on the ferry at Macau, there is a long bus stop where there are many shuttle buses taking you to your preferred casino/hotel. The one that we needed to get on to get to the casino that hosts the show was the bus at the further end of the bus stop. This was the City of Dreams shuttle bus. It is a comfortable bus. Apparently there are four stops on this bus and the correct stop to get there is the first stop.

 When you get inside the hotel, you will walk past some designer label shops. There will be signs telling you the direction of the theatre where it is performed.

 As you enter the theatre, you can instantly smell the water. It is somewhat chlorinated. Also, there is a wonderful view of the water. Below is a photo taken of the stage/pool before the show started. What a magnificent stage!

Beautiful View of the Stage or Pool from our Seat

 As soon as the show starts until the end, you are put on the edge of your seat. It features many men and women that dance, perform stunts and acrobats and dives into the water.

 During the performance, somehow the water transforms to hard ground. This happens because the stage transforms into a pool by the hydraulic lifts. So when the divers dive in the water, the water comes back again. This happens several times during the performance depending on the storyline.

 There are many strong men and women that perform acrobats over the water and hard ground. They do this at 17 metres above the pool/stage.  It is exhilarating to watch as one false move can put the performers’ lives in danger. There are also water jets that spray water up to 18 metres in height. The jets dance in time to the music making it exciting to watch.

 The story line is a little cheesy. Typical boy meets damsel in distress, rescues damsel in distress and live happily ever after. But despite this typical storyline, you are never bored at all as the sheer power and dexterity of the performers is amazing. There is a certain randomness about the production. For instance, in one part of the show, there are motor bikes that ride across the stadium and the riders perform stunts on their bikes. It is hard to see how motor bikes fit into the story line, but it is still entertaining to watch!

 When we booked the ticket through their direct website, what we had to do was choose our section that we wanted to sit at. Then they will give you a range of seats in that section. They do not tell you all the available seats in that section. We were booking for a party of five. So they would give us a choice of ten seats that were next to each other and you would choose your seats. However, I am not sure why they would do this. When we went, I would say that the auditorium was about 70% full.

 There is also a section that is the VIP section. There are four rows in the front where the people were given raincoats to wear as that section was a designated splash section. Which means that you if you are sitting there, you are likely to get wet!

 The arena is in an oval shape. We were sitting in the cheapest section so we had seats that were off to the side. But it was still a really great view. Also, we sat on the fourth row from the front, so we were given towels to cover ourselves if we wanted to. We didn’t really get too wet. Maybe two or three times, we got a slight mist that descended onto our faces but that was all!

 Also, you are told that you are allowed to take pictures of the performance WITHOUT flash. But I would advise you not to just in case your inadvertent flash could distract any of the performers.

 If you want to watch a show that is unlike any other, that has dancing, acrobats, stunts, music, laughter and fun, then this is for you. All the performers are professionals and you could see the sheer power in the muscles of the stunt performers and divers! If you are after an evening of entertainment for one and a half hours, then I really recommend The House of Dancing Water. I have never seen a performance like this before. What I found amazing about this show is that of the technology and engineering behind it. Apparently, on top of the eighty or so performers, there are a team of over one hundred engineers and technicians that coordinate all the staging and water so that all performers are safe.

 I would recommend this production to you all. The show is performed such that it doesn’t matter what language you speak as dancing, gymnastics, acrobats and music is universal. Anyone will be able to understand and enjoy the show. So if you are ever in Hong Kong, I would suggest that you make the trip over to Macau to watch the House of Dancing Water!