I began face painting in March of 2009 after my grandparents asked me to help them with their growing business. They had been painting for almost 7 years when they asked me to help, and I had to learn their trade really fast to keep up with their pace! So I invested in all of the materials that I needed and prepared for my first event at a local school carnival. Before this I had some artistic work under my belt, but nothing like painting on another person's moving face- It was a challenge for me to get use to! So I went to the carnival with my grandparents, and because I was a newbie, the school decided to discount my faces to 1/3 the price of my grandparents work! Needless to say, parents wanted the cheaper work, even in spite of me and my grandparents reiterating that I hadn't mastered a great skill for face painting yet! 6 hours of a constant line later I threw in the towel- that was intense! So many wiggly kids, trying not to screw up, and really really trying not to disappoint the kids- let alone my patient grandparents.

That first event really scared me, and while I am outgoing and what I like to call "artistically inclined", that was a whole new animal! I really thought hard about whether the stress of a similar situation happening again was worth the money that I had invested into this! A little bit of time went by and then the busy summer season approached. Grandma asked if I could help out at a few events and I decided to give it another shot before writing this all off completely. I am very thankful that I decided to stick with this, besides, I am never one to back down from a challenge. After working with my grandparents and watching they way they did things, I felt more comfortable and prepared to try this face painting gig again. My next even went a lot smoother, I was less stressed, and I had all of my rules laid out for me by my grandparents- I just had to focus on painting faces. I caught on quickly- quicker than anyone or myself thought I would- and began working more events as time progressed. I really enjoy what I do now, and it has been amazing to meet some of the people I have met and brought joy to children and adults alike, I don't think I would ever trade this good thing of mine for anything!

I have been guided and taught by my grandparents for almost 2 years now, and they have decided to let me take over what they have built for 9 years after they retire to a new home in New Mexico sometime this year. I hope that this website will help me continue to build on what they have already successfully created, and that I can continue to learn and grown and become as great as my grandparents are now!

While I know different from watching my grandparents interact with others, and what I have experienced, I am sure that face painting is not viewed as a "professional" job that has serious impact nor straight-laced demeanor. However, I take pride in making sure that I present myself, my display, and my materials in a clean and (mostly) organized way.

I wear appropriate, professional clothing, make sure that I have a clear and understandable display to look at, and that I follow all FDA safety precautions along with only using FDA approved, skin-safe paint.

The majority of my paints are Snazaroo brand which are formulated for the most gentle skin with no fragrance added. All Snazaroo face paints are manufactured using only ingredients fully compliant with EU & FDA toy and cosmetic regulations, and are non-toxic. In addition to Snazaroo, I also use Wolfe and Diamond FX paints as well, which are also fully compliant with any required regulations. All of my paints are also water based, so they are easily removed with water and soap.

I offer many different types of faces for boys and girls, ranging from small cheekdesigns to full painted face designs. I keep a large diverse portfolio of faces that I paint so that I am able to present faces that follow a theme to a party or season based festivals and fairs. If you have a particular design in mind, just let me know ahead of time so that I can either create or find a design for your specific needs!