If you are looking for an interesting career field that helps in finding cures for disease, diagnosis patients, do CSI work for your favorite city, or help rehabilitate a person to function. Then look no further! Have you ever thought about working in a health related field? Not all health jobs have to do with working with the sick and/or dying. There are a lot of health jobs that allow you to be in a lab, billing, transcriptionist, or an assistant of some sort.

Here is a brief over view of the fields that you could possibly go into or be interested in. We will also discuss some of the physiological aspect of the human body, the things that make it interesting, for those of you that like puzzles.

Everything From The Tiniest Atom to The Largest Organ

The human body is a really complexes thing, it take numerous years to full learn what it is capable of and even then you will not know everything and need to constantly keep learning the new information that is coming out.

Physiology is an interesting aspect of the human body where you learn cells and what they do for the body, how each tiny cell plays a vital role in the human body. Like DNA for example; DNA or Deoxyribonucleic acid is quite lengthy, but less than 2% of it is meant for coding your genes. It is wound tightly and compacted into chromosomes. There are start and stop codes on the end of each of these section of coding DNA to tell the body where to cut it. It then goes through a transcription process where in turns into RNA or Ribonucleic acid. This RNA is the actual substance that is secreted out of the nucleus through different means and channels, like the Golgi complex. After traveling through the Golgi complex it is met by ribosome's which turn the pieces of RNA coding into peptides or proteins. These proteins then are carried to the specific location that they are coded for to turn off and on different heredities such as eye coloring, lactation, hair color, so forth and so on. This is just an example in simple terms of what kind of material you would be taught. The human body is an interesting career field of complex information.

Biologists usually deal more in depth with this kind of information. Micro Biology deals with same, but on a smaller level.

CNA, Medical Assistant, LPN, RN

These are all nurse careers. If you are looking to switch careers and you are an older person, either of these would be a good way to go. As a nurse you would be doing; patient charting, shots, vitals, clean up, assisting the doctor with minor procedures, and much more. There is also an administrative side to it as well; calling patients, ordering labs, blood work if your clinic as its own labs. It is an interesting and motivating career. You will never know what the next day will bring.

A lot of cities offer vocational schooling for either nurse certification. You usually start out on the bottom as a CNA, which is long hours of hard sometime unwanted gross work, but in the mean time you can be working towards your next step, which would be an LPN.

A Medical Assistant does the same as a CAN, but is in a more clinical environment. Their main responsibilities are shots and vitals. Depending on how good you are and how the staffing is at the clinic the doctor that oversees you might allow you to do more if he is willing to teach you. This can benefit you when you move to your next step, which still would be LPN.

An LPN and RN are more of nurses in charge an LPN have more responsibilities then a CAN and Medical Assistance and it usually pays more as well. With an LPN you usually have CNAs or Medical Assistants under you to supervise their work load, whereas an RN would have a group of LPNs under them to supervise their work load.

There are many way for you took get these degrees and certifications. Most cities offer technical vocational colleges that speed the process up and make it a 1-2 year program for your LPN, if you have a CAN license and if you have some general education already, which can be done through your local community college. RN is about the same amount of time 1-2 years, and you would also have to fulfill the educational requirements. It is not as long as other schooling needed for other careers.

Other Fields to consider

There are many other fills as stated before if you are not interested in nursing. Nursing seems to be the most popular and is expected to rise in the future so you will always have job security.

Some other fields to consider are PA (Physicians Assistant, Transcriptionist, Vocational Rehab, Physical Therapist and more.

You could take a look at your local education center for further details on degree programs that are offered nearest you.